Parish Council

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The Parish Council
is a tier of government as defined in law with particular statutory responsibilities and duties and its members are elected by public vote.

If you are interested to learn more you can find more information on the web site and also the Communities, Parish and Local Councils (CPALC) web site.

The published Agenda’s, Minutes, Budget Reconcilations of all Parish Council meetings can be found below.   The Minutes are also published each month in the Walsham Observer.

Parish Council meetings are public meetings and are held on the second Tuesday of each month in the Priory Room from 7pm.  If you are interested to listen or speak at the meetings, do please come along.  The meetings follow a pre-defined format and the Public Open Forum forms part of the agenda when  members of the public are invited to speak by the Chair.

At least three clear days notice is given of each meeting by a posting on the notice board near the post box in front of the Bowling Club and also in the events calendar on this site.

Special annual meetings

The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council has to be held on 4th May or any day in May other than election years (next 2019) when it must be held on the 4th day after election day or within 14 days thereof.  In practice, Walsham convenes this meeting on the usual second Tuesday of the month unless proscribed otherwise by the date of the local elections.

The first business at this meeting has to be the election of the Chairman and vice-chairman, who also sign a Declaration of Acceptance (of office).  Committee members and representatives are also appointed to other bodies.

The rest of this meeting follows the usual format.  In an election year the all councillors are re-elected, including Chair and Vice-Chair.

The Parish Meeting is also an annual meeting which can be held on any day from 1st March to 1st June inclusive with 7 days public notice.  This is not a meeting of the Parish Council but of the electorate and there is no prescribed format.  Electors can contribute to the agenda and these meetings are often used to celebrate local activities and debate current issues in the community.

The chairman of the council, any two councillors or any six electors can call the Annual Parish Meeting.  Councillors do not have to attend but it is good practice to do so with the Chairman presenting an annual report.  Village organisations, clubs and groups are invited to to the meeting to speak.  This is an informal meeting unlike the regular and special Parish Council meetings.

Parish Council News

This is posted on the news page along with other village news.  These items will be tagged as ‘parish council news’ so that they are easily found in a search.

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Local and National Representatives

Name & EmailAddress/ContactResponsibilities
Mr Paul Arbon
Parish Councillor
7 Oak Tree Cottages
Finningham Road
Walsham le Willows
IP31 3GA
Mr Ian Bartholomew
Parish Councillor
2 Upper Meadow
Finningham Road
Walsham le Willows
01359 258349
Mr Richard Belson
Parish Councillor
Vice Chairman
Foxglove Cottage
Crownland Road
Walsham le Willows
01359 258868
Local Heritage
Tree Warden
Kevin Boardley
Clerk to the Parish Council
Willow Cottage
The Street
Walsham le Willows
01359 259 794
Parish Clerk
and Proper Officer
Amanda Ellis
Parish Councillor
27 Grove Park
Walsham le Willows
01359 258646
Street lighting Upgrade
Mr Brian Kinnair
Parish Councillor
Old Oak Barn
West Street
Walsham le Willows
01359 259922
Internal Auditor
Play Council Rep
Mr Nicholas Mecrow
Parish Councillor
Thornaby House
Summer Road
01359 258243
Litter Picks
Speed Indicator Device data
Mr Trevor Roberts
Parish Councillor
Acorn House
Chapel Road
01359 251144
Emergency Planning
Rep On Community Council
Get Mapping
Litter Picks
Jessica Fleming
County Councillor
The Limetrees
All Saints Road
Creeting St Mary
w | 01449 711065
m | 07714 597980
County Councillor
Richard Meyer
District Councillor
07849078758District Councillor
Jo Churchill MPConstituency Office
10 Hatter Street
Bury St Edmunds
IP33 1L
01284 752311

House of Commons
020 7219 8487
Member of Parliament
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Meeting Records

You will find here the meeting records of Walsham-le-Willows Parish Council, the latest published Agenda, Minutes (from January 2014) presented Budget Reconciliation Reports (from April 2017) and County Council and District Council reports to Parish Council from Jessica Fleming.
IndexMeeting DateRecords
87Remaining Meeting Dates 2020/2110 March 2020
14 April 2020
28 April 2020 TBC Annual Parish Meeting
12 May 2020 Annual Parish Council Meeting
09 June 2020
14 July 2020
11 August 2020
08 September 2020
13 October 2020
10 November 2020
24 November 2020 Set Budget
08 December 2020 Set Precept
12 January 2021
09 February 2021
09 March 2021
8611 February 2020Minutes
County Council Report
Bank Reconciliation
8514 January 2020Minutes
District Council Report
Bank Reconciliation
8410 December 2019 Minutes
Bank Reconciliation
8326 November 2019
Budget Setting
8212 November 2019Minutes
Bank Reconciliation
District Council Report
County Council Report

8108 October 2019Minutes
Bank Reconciliation
District Council Report
County Council Report
8107 October 2019Conclusion of External Audit
Notice of Conclusion of Audit
Annual Governance and Accountability Return
7910 September 2019Minutes
Bank Reconciliation
District Council Report
County Council Report

7813 August 2019Minutes
District Council Report
County Council Report
Bank Reconciliation
7709 July 2019Minutes
District Council Report
County Council Report
Bank Reconciliation

7625 June 2019 Annual Parish MeetingAnnual Parish Meeting Reports - NB - this is not a Parish Council meeting
7511 June 2019Minutes
CC & DC reports
Bank Reconciliation
7410 June 2019Annual Governance & Accounting Statements
Period of Exercise of Public Rights
7314 May 2019Annual Meeting of Parish Council
Bank Reconciliation
CC & DC Report
7209 April 2019Minutes
Y/E Bank Reconciliation
Y/E Statement
CC & DC Report
7112 March 2019Minutes
Bank Reconciliation
CC & DC Report
7012 February 2019Minutes
Bank Reconciliation
CC & DC Report
698 January 2019Minutes
CC & DC Report
Budget Report
6811 December 2018Minutes
CC & DC Report
Budget Report
6727 November 2018 Budget SettingMinutes
6613 November 2018Minutes
Budget Report
CC & DC Report
659 October 2018Minutes
Budget Report
CC & DC Report
2017/18 External Audit Notice
2017/18 External Audit Final Certificate
646 September 2018Minutes
Budget Report
CC & DC Report
6314 August 2018Minutes
Budget Report
CC & DC Report
6210 July 2018Minutes
Budget Report
CC & DC Report
6120th June 2018Sec.1 Approved Accounts 2017/18
Sec.2 Approved Accounts 2017/18
Public Rights Notice
6012 June 2018Minutes
Budget Report
CC & DC Report

5929th May 2018
Parish Meeting
Chair's Report
District Report
County Report
588th May 2018
Annual Parish Council Meeting
Budget Report
CC & DC Report

5710th April 2018Minutes
Y/E Budget Report
Y/E Statement
Cheques Over £100
5613th March 2018Minutes
Budget Report
CC & DC Report
5513th February 2018Minutes
Budget Report
CC & DC Report
5423rd January 2018Minutes
539th January 2018Minutes
Budget Report
CC & DC Report
5212th December 2017Minutes
Budget Report
CC & DC Report
5128th November 2017
Budget Meeting
5014th November 2017Minutes
Budget Report
CC & DC Report
4910th October 2017Minutes
Budget Report
CC & DC Report
4812th September 2017Minutes
Budget Report
CC & DC Report
478th August 2017Minutes
Budget Report
4611th July 2017Minutes
Budget Report
CC & DC Report
4513th June 2017Minutes
Budget Report
449th May 2017Minutes
Budget Report
4325th April 2017AGM & APM Minutes
Cheques Over £100
4211th April 2017Minutes
4114th March 2017Minutes
4014th February 2017Minutes
3910th January 2017Minutes
3813th December 2016Minutes
378th November 2016Minutes
3611th October 2016Minutes
3513th September 2016Minutes
349th August 2016Minutes
3312th July 2016Minutes
3214th June 2016Minutes
3110th May 2016Minutes
3026th April 2016AGM Minutes
2912th April 2016Minutes
288th March 2016Minutes
279th February 2016Minutes
2612th January 2016Minutes
258th December 2015Minutes
2410th November 2015Minutes
2313th October 2015Minutes
2216th September 2015Minutes
2111th August 2015Minutes
2014th July 2015Minutes
199th June 2015Minutes
1812th May 2015Minutes
1728th April 2015AGM Minutes
1614th April 2015Minutes
1510th March 2015Minutes
1410th February 2015Minutes
1313th January 2015Minutes
129th December 2014Minutes
1111th November 2014Minutes
1014th October 2014Minutes
99th September 2014Minutes
812th August 2014Minutes
78th July 2014Minutes
610th June 2014Minutes
513th May 2014Minutes
48th April 2014Minutes
311th March 2014Minutes
211th February 2014Minutes
114th January 2014Minutes
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Parish Council Policies and Procedures etc

01Model Standing Orders
02Financial Regulations
03Internal Control Statement
04Data Protection and Document Retention Policy
05Risk Assessment
06Health & Safety Policy
07Litter Pick Guidance
08Sec.137 Powers under Local Government Act
09LTN 8 | Elections

10Good Councillor Guide