Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan

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Comment on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan

The consultation phase for comment on the draft Neighbourhood Plan for Walsham le Willows between ended on 2nd December 2022.  

Documents commented on

Physical copies of the Neighbourhood Plan and Design Guidance can be found in the Memorial Hall.  

Supporting documents for the Neighbourhood Plan:

What’s next?

  • Consultation period with residents and statutory agencies  (17th October to 2nd December 2022) – Completed
  • Revisions to the Plan based on consultation responses, then submit to Mid Suffolk District Council – IN PROGRESS
  • Following Submission, the District Council will publicise the draft Plan, including any changes made, and invite comment
  • Neighbourhood Plan is independently examined
  • Referendum on the Plan
  • If the referendum indicates community support, Mid Suffolk District Council will adopt the Neighbourhood Plan

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

The Walsham le Willows Neighbourhood Plan is a planning policy document written by the community to guide future development in the area between 2023 and 2037. It is the first of its kind for the parish and is part of the Government’s current approach to planning.

The Steering Group want to know your views on the draft Plan. Once the Neighbourhood Plan is ‘made’, Mid Suffolk District Council will use it to help to determine planning applications.

Walsham le Willows Parish Council will also use the Neighbourhood Plan to respond to planning applications. The Walsham le Willows Neighbourhood Plan is not a means of stopping development; it is there to ensure that any development takes place in an appropriate way for the area.

Steering group members

  • Jimmy Bailey, local resident
  • Richard Belson, local resident and Chair of the Parish Council 
  • Ian Campbell, local resident
  • Sally Johnston, local resident
  • Alison Martin, local resident
  • Suzi Martineau, local resident 
  • Gordon Murray, local resident
  • Nick Mecrow, local resident and Parish Councillor
  • Phil Newby, local resident, Chair of Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Meeting Minutes

IndexDateDocument / Planned Discussion
21December 2nd 2021Draft Minutes
20November 4th 2021Draft Minutes
19October 7th 2021Minutes
18September 13th 2021Minutes

17March 4th - May 13th 2021Various agendas, minutes extracted from emails
16November 12th 2020Minutes
15October 15th 2020Minutes
14September 17th 2020Notes from meeting

1313th August 2020Core group Meeting 7pm | Notes | discussion was about the first proposals coming out of the consultation day plus the implications of the new planning proposals from Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick
12July 30th 2020Core group Meeting noteson reflection on outcomes of exhibition day and to formulate plans for next steps
11June 11th 2020Meeting notes
10June 4th 2020Meeting notes
9March 12th 2020Notes from Meeting
8February 13th 2020Notes from Meeting

72nd May 2019Minutes

629th November 2018
Notes from Meeting
54th October 2018Minutes
426th July 2018Minutes
331 May 2018Minutes
225th April 2018
128th March 2018

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