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The Walsham le Willows & District WI welcomes women of all ages to join in a varied programme of talks and outings.  Jam and “Jerusalem”, yes, but so much more!

The local group welcomes a variety of speakers, outings are organised to places of interest including the theatre, coffee shops and places of interest.

The Suffolk West Federation of WI’s of which Walsham WI is a part provides opportunities to take part other outings, educational workshops, sporting activities and more.

The National Federation expands the horizon even further with the chance to attend a wide range of talks and courses through the Learning Hub.

Members also get involved in the WI’s national campaigning on matters of concern to women and their communities such as domestic violence and care of the environment.

Programme 2023/24

  • May 10th 2023 – Annual Meeting
  • June 14th 2023 – Women’s Health – before, during and after the menopause – a talk
  • July 12th 2023 – Tour of St Mary’s with Rev Philip Merry starts 7pm
  • August 9th 2023 – Garden Party at Partacre
  • September 13th 2023 – Local Wildlife – a talk by Patrick Barker
  • October 11th 2023 – Lighting the fuse – a talk by Lucy Lewis ex Bomb Disposal Officer
  • November 8th 2023 – Sing Along – with Alison Weston
  • December 13th 2023 – A Christmas Workshop
  • January 10th 2024 – Birthday Party
  • February 14th 2024 – 1st Aid Awareness Course – by St John Ambulance
  • March 13th 2024 – Female Fashion History 1750-1850 with James and Sandra Deering
  • April 10th 2024 – Spring Floral Arrangement
  • May 8th 2024 – Annual Meeting
  • June 12th 2024 – Walsham Wild Wood Visit

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President | Janet Brown   | 01359 251 604
Hon. Secretary | Pippa Baxter | 01449 781 757
Press & Publicity | Jill Newell | 01359 259 450

For further information and newsletter | Suffolk West Federation of WIs
For more national  information and online courses | National Federation of WIs

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