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The Parish Council is a tier of local government entirely separate from the Parochial Church Council which is the governing body of St Mary’s Church.

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Walsham le Willows is a thriving Suffolk village with clubs, groups, annual events, a vibrant sports club and a rich documented history chronicled in the quarterly reviews written and published by the Walsham le Willows History group.

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Flood investigations

SCC have advised that Walsham le Willows currently comes 13 in a list of 48 communities with regard to invetsgations work that will lead to a report. Read more here including how long this may take.

DEFRA Property Flood Resilience Repair Grant Scheme

Suffolk County Council will administer this grant which offers up to £5,000 towards a range of resilience works to residents and organisations meeting the scheme criteria. They are working closely with the Environment Agency, and are currently dealing with an unprecedented volume of Section 19 Flood Investigations. This may take some time as the flooding affected areas across Suffolk.

We understand this will only be available to those who registered their flooded property before 21st December 2023 as advised.

6th February 2024 – More information on the scheme including where to find a surveyor

Flood Recovery Information from SCC

Parish Council Flood Response

The Parish Council Flood Response Group have prioritised working with residents whose properties were internally flooded to ensure their cases are accurately reported so that they receive financial assistance in the short term and advice and support from SCC and their agents to safeguard their properties in future .

Three evidence documents will s hortly be submitted to SCC and the Environment Agency and enquiries will be made as to progress with investigations so afr.

The group will be in touch with all residents who were flooded to invite them along to a meeting to catch up and shrae information amongst the group with regard to grants, progress on surveys and insurance issues.

Call for Land by Mid Suffolk District Council

Mid Suffolk are looking for land which could be planted on or improved for nature.

They need landowners – farmers, parish or town councils, businesses, or individuals, who want to do something with their land to benefit the natural environment and the wildlife this supports. 

Advice, support and often the materials and resources needed to make this happen are available.

You don’t need a clear plan at this stage, just an interest in doing something is enough.  MSDC will work with you to form a plan if needed, or help turn an existing plan into reality. 

If you are interested please get in touch with Richard Parmee | Biodiversity Project Manager | 01449 724 762 | 07927 589 614

Community Council

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Walsham has had an enthusiastic and prolific history group since 1980 and it is still going strong. The group still meets regularly, and have produced a Brief History of Walsham, and comprehensive Reviews on particular aspects of Walsham’s historical record which have been published at the rate of three or four a year since 1997, and a selection of books and compact discs.

Cover of the book The Black Death: An intimate History by John Hatcher

Walsham le Willows has a rich history that is based on the survival of exceptionally good 14th-century manorial records which led to Walsham being chosen as the setting for the fictionalised history The Black Death: An Intimate History, by John Hatcher set in the years following the summer of 1348 as the Black Death ravaged European society.  John Hatcher used the excellent manorial records to ‘fill in the gaps’ for his story.


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Community Council

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