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Book Club


Black and white line drawing of three open books standing with covers facing viewer. The middle book cover displays the Walsham-le-Willows logo

Walsham-le-Willows Book Club was established in early 2003 for those  interested in discussing their reading with others and familiarising themselves with a wider range of authors and genres.

The club now has in excess of twelve members and a large back catalogue of modern fiction, classic novels, science-fiction, biography and travel books having been shared.

photograph of book shelves containing beautiful aged leather bound books with a range of very colourful, and some worn, spines

Monthly meetings are held on a Friday evening from 8pm in the homes of members’  where the last month’s book is discussed and new titles are chosen over a drink or two.

The meetings are very informal and members are free to speak as little or as much as they wish but of course it is always more interesting and lively when opinion is divided on the merits of the book under discussion.

Books are either bought individually or they may be borrowed from the local library. The reading group does hold a library card which entitles them to borrow books for an extended period.

There are no fees but every member takes a turn in hosting one of the monthly meetings and with the present membership this would then occur roughly once a year.  New members are always very welcome.


John Blakeway

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