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The drop in event on 27th June was a huge success.  138 signatures agreeing the Plan Boundary of the 153 who signed in.  See the news page post about the event and the image gallery further down the page along with published minutes and other documents.

Neighbourhood planning logo with drawn images of a tree, a house, a bridge, a car, a workplace and people, all in different coloursThere are a few key meetings coming up and it would help to get as many interested people together as is possible.

Thursday 15th November – 7pm Priory Room

Joint meeting with Parish Council to meet with Council Officers , first to discuss CIL how we can get it and spend it and maybe a little about how best to construct our Neighbourhood plan…..what will get us through hoops and on to referendum as quickly as possible. Jimmy will be drawing up a draft agenda and key questions.

walsham-le-willows-logoThursday 29th November – 7pm Priory Room

In the light of discussions (above) with Council Officers to discuss the best structure for our plan and the best process to achieve that. A key part of this is learning from what others are doing.  Take a look at the Mendlesham Plan online which is currently the only completed and live plan in Mid -Suffolk.  There are others.  If you have views on the neighbourhood plan, take a look and bring your thoughts on how to take the plan forward.

Thursday 24th of January

A meeting dedicated to exploring what the vision should be for the Village what the key building blocks of the Plan should be.  What are our ‘must haves’ and ‘won’t haves’?

See the events diary for upcoming meetings

Come and join us. Get involved!

Why might Walsham need a Neighbourhood Plan?

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Specifically, a Neighbourhood Plan would…

  • Give the village a voice, the right to be heard by those who make the local plans.
  • Protect and enhance the important character and identity of this historic Suffolk village.
  • Ensure suitable size and scale of development in appropriate locations.
  • Protect important assets and encourage community benefits.
  • Enable Walsham le Willows to maintain its identity as an attractive and comfortable place to live, work and play for both current residents and future generations alike.

In other words, a Neighbourhood Plan, agreed by the people of the village, will sit next to the Local Plan, a document which sets planning policy for the whole District and is currently being developed by MSDC.  Along with the Local Plan, a Neighbourhood Plan has to be taken into account by District and County Councils when planning decisions affecting Walsham are under consideration.

It is the view of the Neighbourhood Plan group as currently constituted that if the village wants a voice that will be heard and acted upon, it needs to have a Neighbourhood Plan! 

Some ideas to get us started…











Everyone’s views are important, and indeed required, for the development of a Neighbourhood Plan.  The group will be looking to involve the whole village in a search to discover how people see Walsham developing in the future.

Do you agree? This is how can you get involved…

  • Read our updates in the Observer
  • Drop back here regularly where the latest information can be found on the news page with and outline and archived information on this Neighbourhood Plan page (accessed quickly from the top menu).
  • If you would like to play a more active part,  meetings are at 7.00pm, on the last Wednesday of the month, at the Priory Room. The group will be happy to welcome you!

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Please remember – Everyone’s views are important!

Neighbourhood Plan - Document & Meeting Timeline

The table below lists the five most recent documents from the neighbourhood planning group. Search or change the filters for more.
Some documents are restricted for compliance with data protection: Access Restricted Documents

11Forthcoming Meetings15th November
29th November
24th January
104th October 2018Minutes
931 July 2018WleW NP Area Designation Notice
Plan Boundary
826th July 2018Minutes
727th June 2018News item 'all day' drop in session - Plan Boundary

Views collected on proposed strands of the Neighbourhood Plan...
Flood Risk
Green Issues
Jobs & Shops
School & Early Years
Sports & Lesiure
Anything Else
631 May 2018Minutes
525th April 2018
428th March 2018
327th February 2018
Draft Mission Statement

Neighbourhood Planning Group Contacts

#Member & emailTelephone
1Alan Twite
2Alison Martin
3Amanda Ellis
4Eddie Dougall
5Gordon Murray
6Jaclyn Clark
7Jimmy Bailey
8John Blakeway
9Kathryn Blakeway
10Kevin Boardley
01359 259 794
11Maggie Barber
12Mick Mansfield
13Phil Newby
01359 259 459
14Richard Belson
15Sally Johnston
16Trevor Roberts
17Tracey Gorzelak
18Mike Ayres