Neighbourhood Plan

Winning NP Logo entry | Evie Howes, Year Group 5

Meetings are scheduled for every second Thursday of the month unless otherwise advertised.  All are held in the Priory Room at 7.30pm.

Please find specific dates with an indication of what is coming up and all historical records and information in the document time-line further down the page.

Phil Newby Chair | 01359 259 459

Kevin Boardley Secretary | 01359 259 794

Winning NP Logo entry | Darcy Morley, Year Group 6

The First Drop-In Event

The first drop in event on 27th June 2018 was a huge success.  138 signatures agreeing the Plan Boundary of the 153 who signed in.  See the news page post about this first event and see the gallery below showing what a successful event this was evidenced, not least, by the winning logo entries.

Winning NP Logo Entry | Chloe Stanford, Year Group 7

NP Logo Competition

Winning NP Logo entry | Evie Howes, Year Group 5

A big thank you from the Neighbourhood Plan group to all our young artists who took the time to think about what ‘development’ in Walsham le Willows meant to them and to express this in their artwork. And in particular, thanks to the creators of the winning entries which will now be used throughout the Neighbourhood Plan.

Winning NP Logo entry | Sophia Yarrow, Year Group 6

The five winning Neighbourhood Plan logo entries all designed by the children of Walsham le Willows Primary School are showcased above. The entries from all the runners also deserve to have their entries displayed and these are in the gallery below.

Do you have views on how Walsham le Willows should develop? The come and join us. Get involved!

Documents listed below are a good place to start to get up to speed, these include resource documents and links on Neighbourhood Planning, the minutes from meetings and future meeting dates and an idea of what is going to be discussed and when. NB the search box here returns results based on document titles and dates, not content. To search the whole site use the search box at the top of the site on very page.
IndexDateDocument / Planned Discussion
27Later meeting Dates
February 13th
March 12th
26January 9th 2020CANCELLED pending relaunch
25December 12th 2019CANCELLED due to election
24November 14th 2019CANCELLED due to number of apologies received.
23October 10th 2019CANCELLED due to double booking of the room - St Mary's PCC has apologised for this.
22September 12th 2019
21August 8th 2019Green Issues
20August 5th 2019Draft Local Plan - Notice of Consultation
View the consultation document online, and to submit your comments
Drop in Session dates and Submit your Comments

19July 11th 2019Historical development of the village ‘in a nutshell’
Housing update
186th June 2019To look at some likely potential (preferred and reserved) sites for discussion
172nd May 2019Minutes

1628th February 2019Agenda
1525th February 2019Community Infrastructure Levy and how to access it.
Includes the the link to the publicly available developer contributions database so you can see what is available.
1424th February 2019Steps towards adoption of a Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Website
1322nd February 2019Draft Masterplan for proposed development of Shepherd's Grove site, Stanton
More information can be found at:

1227th January 2019BMSDC Draft Housing Land Supply Position Statement & Consultation timelines
1124th January 2019Meeting was Cancelled
1029th November 2018
Notes from Meeting
915th November 2018
Minutes to follow
84th October 2018Minutes
731 July 2018WleW NP Area Designation Notice
Plan Boundary
626th July 2018Minutes
527th June 2018News item 'all day' drop in session - Plan Boundary

Views collected on proposed strands of the Neighbourhood Plan...
Design | Environment | Flood Risk | Green Issues | Heritage | Housing | Jobs & Shops | | School & Early YearsSports & Lesiure | Traffic | Transport | Anything Else
431 May 2018Minutes
325th April 2018
228th March 2018
127th February 2018
Draft Mission Statement

Why might Walsham need a Neighbourhood Plan?

walsham le willows word cloud logo for neighbourhood plan

The main strands of the plan identified so far…


These strands may evolve over time, some being combined and new ones may be added. Everyone’s views are important, and indeed required, for the development of a Neighbourhood Plan.  The group will be looking to involve the whole village in a search to discover how people see Walsham developing in the future.

Specifically, a Neighbourhood Plan would…

  • Give the village a voice, the right to be heard by those who make the local plans.
  • Protect and enhance the important character and identity of this historic Suffolk village.
  • Ensure suitable size and scale of development in appropriate locations.
  • Protect important assets and encourage community benefits.
  • Enable Walsham le Willows to maintain its identity as an attractive and comfortable place to live, work and play for both current residents and future generations alike.

In other words, a Neighbourhood Plan, agreed by the people of the village, will sit next to the Local Plan, a document which sets planning policy for the whole District and is currently being developed by MSDC.  Along with the Local Plan, a Neighbourhood Plan has to be taken into account by District and County Councils when planning decisions affecting Walsham are under consideration.

It is the view of the Neighbourhood Plan group as currently constituted that if the village wants a voice that will be heard and acted upon, it needs to have a Neighbourhood Plan! 

Do you agree? This is how can you get involved…

  • Look for updates in the Observer
  • Drop back here regularly where the latest information can be found on the news page with and outline and archived information on this Neighbourhood Plan page (accessed quickly from the top menu).
  • Leave comments on
  • If you would like to play a more active part,  meetings are at 7.00pm, on the last Wednesday of the month, at the Priory Room. The group will be happy to welcome you!

walsham le willows neighbourhood plan 'working together' logo

Please remember – Everyone’s views are important!

Neighbourhood Planning Group Members

This table shows group members and current areas of interest. These people may be taking an area forward at the moment but this may evolve over time with people starting to work in groups as some strands of the plan are combined or as new people express and interest.
Members and areas of interest
Alan Twite
Alison Martin
Amanda Ellis
David Murray
Derek Sargeant
Eddie Dougall
Gordon Murray
Ian Campbell
Sports & Leisure
Jimmy Bailey
John Blakeway
History & Heritage
John Martineau
Green Issues
Kathryn Blakeway
History & Heritage
Kevin Boardley
Lynette Mecrow
Maggie Barber
Convenor and Local Information
Mick Mansfield
Phil Newby
Richard Belson
Sally Johnston
Trevor Roberts
Tracey Gorzelak
Green Issues & Education
Mike Ayres