Wild Wood & Jubilee Wood – Update

Visitors to the Wild Wood will have seen that planting in the Jubilee Wood is well advanced with over 800 individual whips and their spiral protection set in the ground in the autumn of 2022 after we had seeded a large area with a grass and wild flower meadow mix provided by Mid Suffolk District Council. Things really got underway quickly after we secured the lease on the new land and the relatively mild winter has resulted in the whips being full of buds and the seed germinating so we look forward to the coming spring with keen anticipation.

We had our first meeting of the year and agreed on some dates and some events that we hope will attract support and so please add the following to your diaries if you can:

  • 10.00am to mid-day on Saturday 8th of April – traditional, Easter egg hunt in the Wild Wood.
  • 7.00pm on Wednesday 5th July – AGM in the story telling circle in the Wild Wood.
  • 5pm on Saturday 15th July – Pizza Night in the Wild Wood.
  • Moth count in August – date & time to be advised.
  • 9th September – a bat walk – date & time to be advised.
  • Mowing and raking event – September – date & time to be advised.
  • 4pm on Saturday 28th October – Pumpkin Trail event in the Wild Wood hopefully with a story teller.
  • Planting more whips and trees in the Jubilee Wood – November – date & time to be advised.

This programme gives some idea about how the woods are contributing to quality of life in Walsham le Willows for residents and as a haven for bio-diversity.

If you are interested in sponsoring tree planting as a personal memorial then please do make contact and the group will plan this for the next planting season.

John Stebbing Secretary to the Steering Group | 07831 325610 | john@architectatwork.co.uk

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