Drop-In Day 23rd July 2020

Drop-In Day 23rd July 2020

Conversation on Housing

Exactly 100 people attended the second drop in event held in Church Farm Barn on 23rd July 2020 between 2 and 9pm.  Following the Housing Dicussion paper that was circulated throughout the Parish potential sites that people considered appropriate (and inappropriate) for housing development were considered and plotted on a large map. People were able to fill in some of the gaps in knowledge, providing useful information on the locations of historical housing development in Walsham, both those that went ahead and those that failed and the reasons for that. See the news page post about this event.

The conversations were incredibly constructive and specific information and comments were recorded to support the development of the Neighbourhood Plan document.

The event included an informative and illustrative exhibition of maps and photos around the walls of the Church Barn that put the core questions around the type of housing we do and don’t want in context.

Thanks to Richard we had maps showing the Conservation Area around the village, the Special Area of Interest that has been classified by the District Council in the West of Walsham le Willows and details of the flooding areas. Alison Martin created a beautiful map showing the archaeology of Stone Age, Romano British and medieval settlements evidence alongside a great summary of historical development since the mid 19th century.  Maggie Barber compiled a fabulous series of photos showing the story of the progression of the design and style of village architecture and its relation to rural life and businesses. 

The next stage is for the Neighbourhood Plan group to draft housing policies that reflect the needs and thoughts of the village for our Neighbourhood plan and then share those for editing and comment within the community.

This is the first in a series of ‘Walsham Conversations’ designed to consult the Parish and on issues such as transport, the environment work, leisure and education. On September 10th volunteers will present the day’s findings back to the Community in a step closer towards formulating A Walsham Neighbourhood Plan.

To find out dates of future events please visit the village website events page: https://www.walsham-le-willows.org/events/

Comment and contribute to the Neighbourhood Plan and/or register to receive the updates by email

Or email parishclerk@walsham-le-willows.org

Identifying sites for future development

If you have any land that you are considering putting forward for development in the next 5, 10 or 15 years, the group would welsome a discreet conversation to assist with the development of the Neighbourhood Plan. Please contact the Parish Clerk | 01359 259 794. Working confidentially with the Neighbourhood Plan group would be of mutual benefit.

Likewise if you know of little known covenants that protect land from development the group would like to hear from you as the plan needs to take account of these.

Exhibition Storyboard

If you were not able to be there on the day find the exhibited storyboard of the day here as a pdf file.

Please right click links to maps and select ‘open in new tab’ for best experience.

Feedback and Other Contributions

A View of Walsham – a contribution in the form of a poem by Rober Barber

Save Walsham- a contribution in the form of a poem by J Delany

Compiled feedback notes from the attendees on the day

Images of part of the day

Images were kindly captured by Lesley Foster.

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