Neighbourhood Plan -Second Drop-in Day

23rd July 2pm – 9pm, Church Farm Barn on The Causeway

A discussion paper on housing has been circulated to all households in the community and also published in the Observer. Come along to the drop-in day on 23rd July. Information will be presented to show historical development of the village to date and where development may not be able to happen for reasons of archaeological interest, flood risk, or planning restrictions such as conservation orders and covenants. If you have information on any of these areas please come along and share them.

There will also hopefully be maps of the Elmside Lee and Wattisfield Road developments that will illustrate how a neighbourhood plan might have helped influence design if it had been in place prior to consent being given for these applications.

Primarily the Neighbourhood Plan group needs to formulate plans for possible requirements for development in stages of 5, 10 and 15 years ahead in order to stay one step of the regular revision of the Local Plan but it needs to do this in a way that preserves valued and distinctive assets of the village. Assets such as footpaths, cycleways, allotments, as well as our landscape, wildlife spaces, woodland, verges, hedgerows, water courses and nature havens, village societies, community groups and clubs and their buildings, sports facilities, school, shops and local businesses. A well designed Neighbourhood Plan will hopefully help temper the negative impact of more housing development.

Do you know of any land or do you have any land that you believe suitable for housing and which you might be thinking about putting forward now or at some point in the future? If so let us know at the drop-in event or in confidence, to

Without the neighbourhood plan there is little influence, without proposals for future development there can be no neighbhourhood plan.

Read more about the Neighbourhood Plan

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