Parish Council distributes remaining Community Infrastructure Levy funds

Over the period 2021/22 to 2023/24 the Parish Council has received Neighbourhood CIL grants from MSDC totalling £84,507.41. 

CIL is generated by a levy on the developers of new housing to fund improvements to the infrastructure alongside the increased housing.  Neighbourhood CIL is paid to parish councils at a rate of 15% of the available total collected from developers where there is no adopted Neighbourhood Plan.  As we now have and adopted Neighbourhood Plan any future development will generate grants at a rate of 25% for the Parish Council. 

CIL BIDS granted and paid by the Parish CouncilAmount (net of VAT recoverable)
Streetlighting phase iii5,680.31
Churchyard Wall Major Repairs7,478.00
Allotment Shed Repairs1,000.00
Village Sign Replace & Repair247.50
Memorial Hall Stage5,628.25
Wild Wood Platinum, Jubilee Bench (materials)179.81
Professional Kitchen equipment Memorial Hall2,500.00
Play Area Development30,000.00
Surfacing of allotments track1,540.25
Streetlighting phase iv7,979.53
Container for gym equipment at Sports Club8,000.00
Priory Room7,500.00
Memorial Hall Solar Project2,267.00
CIL BIDS granted but still to be paid 
Bowls Club electrical work2,258.00
PCC Path Lighting2,248.76
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