Flower Power February 2024 update

Work on knitted and crocheted flowers for the church wall for The Open Gardens Weekend, continues apace by a large and enthusiasic team of volunteers from WLW and surrounding villages.

Crochet is a series of loops worked with a single hook in one hand and yarn tensioned over the middle finger of the other.  Knitting is done on two needles with transference of stiches from one to the other through a series of rows.

The organiser’s grandmother learnt from her mother who was an expert crocheter and made lace using the finest of hooks and cotton thread. Older folks can probably recall those doilies and runners that graced tables back in the day. Modern crochet techniques have evolved with the use of thicker yarn and larger hooks. 

Younger learners in the group (age range 17-94) have taught themselves to knit and crochet using You Tube and social media.

Recent media articles have flagged up knitting and crochet as valuable techniques in reducing stress and anxiety. They are meditaive pursuits currently being trialled by the medical profession along with other stress busters such as gardening, as useful therapies in addressing mental health issues for all genders.

Each flower that created represents an hour or so of work. 400 flowers have so far been added to a sample 2m piece which many saw displayed at the 2023 christmas fayre.

700 flowers have yet to be tied on with 130m of perimeter wall to complete. The group are planning some summer “Pimm’s and tying on” garden parties for which anyone can volunteer, even if not skilled in knit or crochet.

A second coffee, flower making morning at the Blue Boar was very successful and well attended. Beginners were given a crochet tutorial. It was very relaxed, friendly and a good time was had by all.

Dates for your Diary

05.03.24  10.30-12.30 Walsham Sports Club Flower Power Project meet up with hooks and needles.

Organiser | catemhadley@gmail.com | 07966 550753    

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