A1088 Stowlangtoft Bridge – Traffic Disruptions

Likely Impacts on Walsham le Willows from 8th July to end November 2024 – Updates will be posted as received

  • The circular route including Badwell Ash to Four Ashes and then the Causeway and the St Mary’s Church crossroads has been identified as likely to experience an increase in traffic movements with traffic then going out through West Street although it ti thought tjhis will not be very great, the uplift he uplift coming mainly from local villagers re-routing to avoid the road closure – Stanton people going to Ipswich etc.  
  • Signage will be placed indicating narrow road and 20mph either side of the bridge at the bottom of the Causeway and hopefully the double bends at West Street.
  • The route from the A143 to the Church down Summer Road has been noted as a feeder into the “circular run”. Highways are considering signage warning against using this route.
  • Pending confirmation from UK Power Networks the project appears to be on schedule to start on the 8th of July and Suffolk Highways have booked the A1088 road closure through until the end of November 2024.
  • Main risk to the start date appears to be an undertaking from UK Power Networks that they can isolate / reroute the power lines by the given start date.
  • If delayed the project would have to be delayed a year, as early project work has to be completed in the stream bed before water levels go back up.
  • Suffolk Highways are in close liaison with the National Highways team working on the current A14 works given the undertaking that the A1088 works will only after A14 works have been completed. There may be some overlap.

Relevant notes from the 24th May meeting of the liason group attended by Parish Councillor Nick Mecrow for Walsham le Willows.

  • Start date to be circulated as soon as confirmed.
  • Signage approaching and in Walsham le Willows to be reviewed
  • Stanton area hauliers advised they would be avoiding minor roads during A1088 work
  • District councillors to be included in communications.  Walsham le Willows has requested that our County Councillor is also included.
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