Walsham Needs A Neighbourhood Plan

Last updated on September 25th, 2017 at 04:42 pm

Sepia toned image of Kitchener, "Your Village Needs You"Date for your diary: 22nd September, 7pm, Memorial Hall.  Meeting to discuss the drawing up of a Neighbourhood Plan.

As announced in July Walsham Observer, Parish Council has been working to set up an Open Meeting for anyone interested in finding out about Neighbourhood Plans especially in relation to Walsham. This needs to concern you, each and every one of our residents.

Please try to attend to find out exactly what we can do in order to have our say about how we want our village to develop, as develop it must, rather than become a dying community. Continue reading “Walsham Needs A Neighbourhood Plan”

Neighbourhood Plan – Will Walsham get it together?

Last updated on December 4th, 2017 at 05:48 pm

Sepia toned image of Kitchener, "Your Village Needs You"One last appeal for volunteers (pdf)  from of Chair of Parish Council, Maggie Barber, to get this project off the ground for the future of the village. What skills do you have?  Can you offer any of the following or are you able to have a go with others?  If so please contact Maggie (details at bottom of every page) with an idea of what you could bring to this village enterprise.

    • Project management
    • Planning e.g. general familiarity with the planning system, development plan documents, writing policies etc
    • Community engagement and communication e.g. understanding community engagement processes and methods, leadership, motivation and communication skills
    • Marketing, promotion and consultation e.g. designing leaflets, promotional material, questionnaires and surveys
    • Funding and delivery e.g. sources of funding, grant/funding applications, fund-raising
    • Writing, editorial, graphic design e.g. report writing, editing/proofing, design of reports, maps, plans and other graphics
    • Computers and Information Technology e.g. wordprocessing spreadsheets, managing website, social media, web-based information
    • Expertise in specific topic areas, e.g: housing, transport or the historic environment.