Walsham Wild Wood – update summer 2018

new wildwood sign carved from tree trunkThe Walsham Wild Wood held their second Midsummer Picnic on the 24th June. Unfortunately the football match and a very hot day resulted in fewer people attending than last year.  However the picnic was still a success with delicious donated food, plenty to drink and activities for the children including a new Nature Trail which took the them around the whole site.

The AGM was held on the 5th July. A quiet year was reported at the Wood but there was an unusual plant surprise when a clump of broom rape was found growing for the first time. This is a parasitic herbaceous plant with seeds that can be dormant in the soil for many years.

It was also reported that Alison Martin has stepped down as Secretary after 6 years.  Alison was was thanked for all her hard work and commitment to the project.  John Stebbing was elected as Secretary, Richard Belson was re-elected  as the Treasurer and Lorna MacKinnon was re-elected as Chair.

If you would like to find out more about Walsham Wild Wood please get in touch with Lorna  | 01359 259 140.

Wild Wood AGM

new wildwood sign carved from tree trunk
Walsham-le-Willows Wild Wood Group Logo
Walsham-le-Willows Wild Wood Group Logo

For your diary…Thursday 5th July AGM for Walsham Wild Wood 7 pm at the Walsham Wild Wood. All are welcome.

Play Council AGM 2018

black and white line drawing of a play house with a slide

The next AGM on 23rd May 2018 at 7.30pm in The Priory Room, will appoint a full Executive Committee from interested village residents.

Meeting four times a year, the newly constituted Play Council will then focus its objectives, agreed as providing play facilities, maintaining appointments to the Executive Committee, proposing ideas for development and identifying and pursuing sources of funding and putting these forward in order to engage the Community with the Play Area.

Come and get involved to secure the long term future of the Play Area for Walsham and influence its development for future generations of Walsham children.

History Group AGM

River Waveney at Bungay Common

Walsham history group logo, double W one under the other with the letters 'le' nestling in between the legs of the larger W on the top and a block graphic of Romanesque columns tot he right


Followed by

A Portrait of a Suffolk River

an illustrated talk by

Chris Parfitt

Wednesday 21st March at 7.30pm

The Priory Room

Annual Membership £6  |  Visitors £3



Walsham Wild Wood AGM

Walsham-le-Willows Wild Wood Group Logo

Walsham-le-Willows Wild Wood Group


19th June


Walsham Primary School
All are welcome.

Community Council AGM

graphic- people-around-table

Take a look at the Walsham-le-Willows Community Council page for an overview of the valuable work the Council does to maintain the community life of the village.

Come and get involved and meet people and find out more about the work of the Community Council at the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING.

This year also on the agenda will be the 2017 Tour of Britain which will be passing through Walsham on 8th September.  Come and get involved in organising this event.

Thursday, 8th June 2017

7.30 pm

In the Priory Room

(The usual Memorial Village Hall venue unavailable because of its use as a Polling Station on that day)