Planning Matters

Planning Matters

Planning Process & the Parish Council | Shepherd’s Grove, Stanton DC/22/2190/HYB

Shepherd’s Grove, Stanton DC/22/2190/HYB, Land At Shepherds Grove Bury Road Stanton Suffolk

Find the application documents on the West Suffolk Planning website:

If approved, this development is estimated to be larger than the site in Sandy, Bedfordshire which has the benefit of close proximity to a major dualled trunk road.

The Parish Council meeting held on 8th February 2023 received and considered a report from planning consultants. This report reviewed the application against the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). The Parish Council resolved to object to this proposal but have concluded that it will be difficult to sustain ‘objections in principle’ to this form of development of this site as ‘in principle development’ has already been established through the West Suffolk Adopted Rural Vision 2031 and the Masterplan, on which the law does not require consultation with neighbouring Districts. Had Walsham le Willows Parish Council been consulted on those documents an ‘objection in principle’ would have been submitted at that point.

The Parish Council remains of the the view that the negative impact on surrounding villages of such a large-scale development on this site outweighs any benefits. This view is shared by other Parish Councils bordering the area.

What Can You Do?

The Parish Council’s final comments have been submitted to West Suffolk who have commented that these are “well considered and helpful”. These have been shared with other potentially affected parishes.

If you have objections to this development please do try make the same points as those the Parish Council have put forward but in your own words as far as possible.  As is always the case, objections not based on planning law (which is determined by central government) are largely ignored in the planning process. To be effective any objections have to be based on that centrally determined planning law, hence the Parish Council’s engagement of a consultant.

Submit comments online at or by email to quoting: FAO Gary Hancox, DC/22/2190/HYB, Land At Shepherds Grove Bury Road Stanton Suffolk. Ask for an acknowledgement for your comments if submited by email.

You have to submit any comment/objections before the closing date of 4th February 2023 or any extension date that you have individually obtained.

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