Horticultural Show

photograph of white flower head, flushed pink, of Hydrangea paniculata 'vanille fraise'
Hydrangea paniculata ‘Vanille Fraise’

The first Walsham-le-Willows Horticultural Society show for flowers, fruit, and vegetables took place in September 1868 when it was hoped that it would become a regular event as it was thought that…

‘the cultivation of the garden elevated the character, showed a superior mind and often betokened a well cared for home and prospering family.’

After 149 years, other than an occasional break for wars etc., it is still going strong and is regarded as being the best purely village show in the area.

It takes place in the Village Memorial Hall on the second Saturday in August.

Everyone is welcome to view the produce of Walsham’s best gardeners at the next show.

Prize Descriptions

Descriptions of the Prizes awarded at the Annual Walsham le Willows Horticultural Show
Awarded to the best exhibit in the show, in the Vegetable and Floral Classes
Awarded to the best individual exhibit in the Domestic Class
Awarded to the exhibitor with the highest number of points for flower arranging who has not previously won the Decorative cup or the Budding Rose Cup.
Awarded to the best exhibit in the photographic classes.
Awarded to the exhibitor who has grown the tallest sunflower as measured from ground level in situ.
Awarded to the exhibitor with the highest number of points in the show who has not previously won the Overall Show or Novice awards.
Awarded to the exhibitor who has achieved the greatest number of points from entries in the various classes.
Awarded to the exhibitor who has achieved the highest number of points from entries in the Floral class.
Awarded to the exhibitor who has scored the greatest number of points in the Vegetable class.
Awarded to the exhibitor who has achieved the highest number of points from entries in the Domestic class.
Awarded to the exhibitor who has achieved the greatest number of points in this class.

Historical Prize Records

Historical records going back to 1956, where records still exist, will be added to this table. Search for a particular year, prize or entrant name to filter the results accordingly.
2018Fothergill’s ShieldHubby Frost
2018W.I. CupLyn Allen
2018Budding Rose CupNot Awarded
2018Williamson Cup for PhotographyStephanie Draper
2018Ray Freeborn Sunflower CupJudith Harlow
2018Hanging Basket TrophyDavid Allen
2018Novice ShieldDavid Allen
2018Overall Show Winner Award1st - Hubby Frost
2nd - David Allen
3rd - Pauline Batchelor
2018Walsham Flower Cup1st - Judith Harlow
2nd - Pauline Bachelor
3rd - Ina Blyth
2018Folkard Cup for Vegetables1st - Hubby Frost
2nd - David Allen
3rd - Carole Donaghy
2018Domestic Class Cup1st - Pauline Batchelor
2nd - Lyn Allen
3rd - Liz McCann
2018Decorative Class Cup1st - Mary Bradley
2nd - Diana Turner
2017Fothergill’s ShieldHubby Frost
2017W.I. CupCarol Hubbard
2017Budding Rose CupDiana Turner
2017Williamson Cup for PhotographyMoira Reeve
2017Ray Freeborn Sunflower CupCarole Donaghy
2017Hanging Basket TrophyTrevor & Tina Pollard
2017Novice ShieldDiana Turner
2017Overall Show Winner AwardHubby Frost
2017Walsham Flower CupPauline Batchelor
2017Folkard Cup for VegetablesHubby Frost
2017Domestic Class CupCarol Hubbard
2017Decorative Class CupMargaret Moore
2016Fothergill’s ShieldCarole Donaghy
2016W.I. CupCarol Hubbard
2016Budding Rose CupLorna MacKinnon & Judith Harlow
2016Williamson Cup for PhotographyJaclyn Clark
2016Ray Freeborn Sunflower CupGordon Scarfe
2016Hanging Basket TrophyNot Contested
2016Novice ShieldPauline Batchelor
2016Overall Show Winner AwardCarole Donaghy
2016Walsham Flower CupCarole Donaghy
2016Folkard Cup for VegetablesHubby Frost
2016Domestic Class CupPauline Batchelor
2016Decorative Class CupMargaret Moore
2015Fothergill’s ShieldHubby Frost
2015W.I. CupLynn Smith
2015Budding Rose CupNot Contested
2015Williamson Cup for PhotographyFraser Harrison
2015Ray Freeborn Sunflower CupJessica Grantham
2015Hanging Basket TrophyNot Contested
2015Novice ShieldCarole Donaghy
2015Overall Show Winner AwardHubby Frost
2015Walsham Flower CupPauline Batchelor
2015Folkard Cup for VegetablesHubby Frost
2015Domestic Class CupLynn Smith
2015Decorative Class CupJane Grantham
2014Fothergill’s ShieldHubby Frost
2014W.I. CupCarol Hubbard
2014Budding Rose CupNot Contested
2014Williamson Cup for PhotographyPolly Batchelor
2014Ray Freeborn Sunflower CupNot Contested
2014Hanging Basket TrophyNot Contested
2014Novice ShieldRalph Hubbard
2014Overall Show Winner AwardH. Frost
2014Walsham Flower CupNeil Donaghy
2014Folkard Cup for VegetablesHubby Frost
2014Domestic Class CupPauline Batchelor
2014Decorative Class CupMargaret Moore
2013Fothergill’s ShieldBeverley Autey
2013W.I. CupRutHubby Frost
2013Budding Rose CupNot Contested
2013Williamson Cup for PhotographyM. Mansfield
2013Ray Freeborn Sunflower CupNot Contested
2013Hanging Basket TrophyNot Contested
2013Novice ShieldNot Contested
2013Overall Show Winner AwardNeil Donaghy
2013Walsham Flower CupNeil Donaghy
2013Folkard Cup for VegetablesHubby Frost
2013Domestic Class CupMoira Reeve
2013Decorative Class CupMargaret Moore & Carole Donaghy
2012Fothergill’s ShieldAnna Landymore
2012W.I. CupAnna Landymore
2012Budding Rose CupNot Contested
2012Williamson Cup for PhotographyJames Turner
2012Ray Freeborn Sunflower CupNot Contested
2012Hanging Basket TrophyNot Contested
2012Novice ShieldNot Contested
2012Overall Show Winner AwardHubby Frost
2012Walsham Flower CupHubby Frost
2012Folkard Cup for VegetablesHubby Frost
2012Domestic Class CupAnna Landymore
2012Decorative Class CupCarole Donaghy

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2018 Programme

This year’s show will be on Saturday 11th August 2018.

Show opens at 2pm, prize giving at 3.45pm

Entry 30p – Children Free – Refreshments & Raffle

Entry Forms

Can be submitted Tuesday 7th and Thursday 9th August at the coffee shop between 10 and 12 midday and Thursday 9th August between 6 and 8pm at the Blue Boar. No late entry forms please.


All should be brought to the Memorial Hall for staging between 8 and 10am on Saturday 11th August. The hall will close promptly at 10am for judging.

All plated entries for the domestic classes should be presented on firm plates as the judge needs to handle them – paper plates are too flimsy.

Judging for the Hanging Basket Competition, Class 91, will take place on Friday 10th August.

Sunflowers entered for the Sunflower Competition, Class 70, will be measured where they are growing on Friday 10th August.

Downloads 2018

Classes 2018 docx

Show Rules pdf

Entry Form docx

Knitting Pattern – 10 inch baby v-neck cardigan pdf

Recipe – Class 71 -Trench Cake docx

Recipe – Class 75 -Baked Cheesecake docx

Recipe – Class 80 – Madeira Cake docx


Judith Harlow | Show Secretary | 01359 258 251

Check out the events diary and watch the village posts on the home page for more details or contact the show secretary.