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The former large toad population living in and around Palmer Street in Walsham le Willows has sadly suffered a dramatic decrease in the last few years. So we are now helping at Badwell Ash and Stowlangtoft who both still have toads, although they too have seen significant decreases in their numbers.

Toads are suffering large declines as a result of habitat loss, modern farming practices and road kill.

Common Toads emerge from hibernation in late February or early March (depending on the temperature) and start a hazardous journey at night to their breeding ponds.

Toads nearly always return to the same pond year after year and usually follow exactly the same route. Males tend to wait in open spaces (such as busy roads) to wait for a female to come by. Then they clasp the females in a special hold known as “Amplexus” and continue to hold onto her back for the rest of the journey to the pond and during mating.

Many toads are killed as they attempt to cross busy roads, which is a significant cause in their decline. Toad patrollers play a vital role in helping toads cross the roads. Our group are now just patrolling at Stowlangtoft and Great Ashfield as there were so few toad sitings last year in Walsham le Willows.

Could you please spare a couple of hours helping at these local sites? If you would like to get involved please contact Lorna.


Dates for 2021 to be advised nearer the time. Watch the news on the front page or contact Lorna directly.


Lorna Mackinnon | 01359 259140

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