Why is Neighbourhood Plan needed?

Why is a Neighbourhood Plan Needed?

A Neighbourhood Plan has many parts. These are designed to address all manner of community concerns especially regardng the contentious issue of housing development. It has to identify local land for future development. No plan will be adopted by the local authority without identifying new sites, so why bother embarking on one?

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Walsham will have little choice but to embrace some new housing in the near future. But with our own neighbourhood plan in place, we who live here will be able to influence how much and what kind of housing we need, where it should be located and crucially have a say in the areas where development should be avoided. The plan can also influence what types of ownership (tenure) are provided as well as having input into design standards, style and quality.

A Walsham le Willows Neighbourhood Plan is our best and perhaps our only opportunity to safeguard the character of our village as we embark on designing our vision for how this community should meet the needs of present and future generations.

Along with the Local Plan with which it has to dovetail, once adopted, the community of Walsham’s Neighbourhood Plan will have to be taken into account by District and County Councils when they consider future planning applications within the village. The lack of coherence with the County Local Plan is one of the reasons a plan may not carry the weight that it could. This must be avoided.

We need a Neighbourhood Plan to…

  • Give the village a voice, the right to be heard by politicians and civil servants who make planning decisions. 
  • Protect and enhance the important character and identity of this historic Suffolk village.
  • Ensure development is of a suitable size and sited in appropriate locations.
  • Protect important assets and encourage and promote community benefits.
  • Enable Walsham le Willows to conserve its identity as an attractive and comfortable place to dewell in for both present and future generations.

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