Walsham to be part of the Queen’s Green Canopy

The Wild Wood group are excited to share the news that planning and planting the second phase of the Wild Wood will begin in 2022. The Steering group are extremely grateful to Geoffrey Pollard who offered the tenancy of a 2 acre parcel of land adjacent to the current wood in response to the Wild Wood appeal.

This will allow the Wild Wood group to continue their work of promoting a wider variety of plant species and wildlife in the village. Hugh Reeve, the chair of the Old Town Trust (the charitable owner of the land), confirmed that after harvest this autumn the lease would be granted.

The Wild Wood is a valued village asset which many people used for walking, sitting as well as family and group events and activities. On April 16th over 100 people visited the Wild Wood for easter egg hunting, coffee and hot cross buns, demonstrating the benefit to the whole village of this valuable green space which is home to a wide variety of plants and trees that encourage bird and insect life.

Throughout the summer and particularly during the village Platinum Jubilee celebrations, the Wild Wood steering group plan to involve as many members of the community as possible in the project through the sharing of ideas for the space and practical involvement. The initial outline plan is to create a link with the allotments by creating an area of edible wild planting; to continue the church ride; to create a fritillary and wild flower meadow and to plant wooded areas of the most successful species from the original planting to connect the two areas.

The group look forward to working with the village to develop further green space and
are delighted that they are able to support the charitable aims of the Old Town Trust which include protecting the environment, conservation and heritage.

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