Walsham Sports Club AGM 2019

Colour drawing of willow tree in roundel with text Walsham-le-Willows Sports ClubWalsham Le Willows Sports Club CASC held its annual general meeting on 8th April 2019 for a select gathering of members plus Jessica Fleming SCC & MSDC councils and retiring MSDC councillor Derek Osborne; both were thanked for their help in raising funds for Sports Club projects. Financial results for the year were positive whilst the Club continues to invest in better facilities for existing sports plus adding new dimensions such as walking netball and the weekly Great Run Local.

Of particular note this year was the successful completion of the  charitable CIO status of the Sports Club ; thus Walsham Le Willows Sports Club CIO ( Charitable Incorporated Organisation) Charity Reg No. 1178033 will take effect from July 1st 2019 when our current Community Amateur Sports Club charitable status will cease and all assets, debts and responsibilities will transfer to the CIO. A new trading company WLWSC Ltd will also take effect from that time when all activities associated with the bar will need to be processed through the new  trading company.

Our grateful thanks goes to Richard Martineau and family, our previous landlords, for making this transition happen; it places the Sports Club in a strong position to continue to provide sporting and other recreational facilities for the community to enjoy in the years to come.

Ian W. Campbell MBE

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