WALSHAM OPEN GARDENS 2022 – 40th Anniversary

Bank Holiday Sunday the 28th and Monday the 29th August


The Committee very much hope that you like the lovely picture, on the front cover of the August Observer, of the Committee’s retiring chair, Robin Newell and his wife Jill, sitting on the new bench in the Churchyard. The bench was bought and presented by the Committee to celebrate Robin’s 40 years of dedication to Walsham Open Gardens Weekend. He will be very much missed now that the mantle has been handed over to Collen Baker.

What can you do to help with this year’s 40th event?

Work is in progress to make this year’s event a special success but help and volunteers are essential to acheive this. For newcomers to the village this is a very enjoyable way to meet people and get involved. Could you…

  • Open your garden? The committee has achieved its ambition for 40 gardens in the 40th year but it is not too late to have your garden included this year. Contact Alison Findlay at opengardens@walsham-le-willows.org | 07704311468
  • Bake some cakes? Help is always needed to provide cakes and help with the catering needed over the weekend. Contact frances.jenner@hotmail.com | 01359 259242
  • Help with Art in the Church? Prople always needed for a couple of hours helping in wonderful surroundings. Contact Ian at igghar@btinternet.com | 01359 259140
  • Arrange some flowers? If you are a flower arranger then Cheryl would love to hear from you at bartholomewcj@aol.com | 01359 258349
  • Help with Car Parking? People needed for shifts in the car park which is a welcoming role as well as making sure that vehicles are parked to amek best use of space. Contact Grant at grant.robinson163@gmail.com
  • Sell Raffle Tickets? Contact Mike Cousins at mike@mcousins.com | 07843052970.
  • Help with setting up and taking down? Contact John Stebbing at john@architectatwork.co.uk | 07831 325610

Open Garden’s Weekend has been a big part of Walsham life since the early 1980’s bringing in visitors from far and wide and raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for the village, half of which has been spent on the upkeep of St. Mary’s and the rest has supported many of the organisations, clubs and societies that go towards making Walsham the wonderful place that it is. Please come and be involved and in a day which never fails to delight.

John Stebbing
Secretary to the Walsham le Willows Open Gardens TrusT
Robin Newell and his wife Jill on the bench commemorating Robin’s chairmanship of the event over the past 40 years.
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