Walsham Needs A Neighbourhood Plan

Last updated on August 17th, 2017 at 06:29 pm

Sepia toned image of Kitchener, "Your Village Needs You"Do you have any spare time to devote to this process along with a group of others who would form a sub-committee of the Parish Council, reporting back regularly on progress until we had a viable Neighbourhood Plan?

If so, please contact the Parish Council.  Read more about Neighbourhood Planning Meeting.

A planning application (1352/17) for the development of 60 dwellings on the Wattisfield Road by New Hall Properties UK has engendered a lot of concern from both Walsham and Wattisfield residents and other interested parties.

Over forty people attended the Public Open Forum of the Parish Council meeting on 9th May 2017 to express their concerns which were predominantly about the impact of such large scale development on the village infrastructure, traffic, amenities and the environment.

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This application is in addition to the 20 dwelling proposed by Evolution Town Planning on  Broad Meadow and another application SO8558 on which we still have no detail.

It seems that since the 2009 deregulation of planning law, local communities are almost totally reliant on the formulation of a Neighbourhood Plan to have any control whatsoever over development.

Creating a Neighbourhood Plan is quite an involved and detailed process requiring sustained input from the local community.

This Babergh & Mid Suffolk link to information about other ‘land bid’ submissions might also be of interest to villagers.  We need a Neighbourhood Plan!