Update on the 40th Open Gardens 2021

Walsham-le-Willows Open Gardens weekend signage

Pandemic lockdowns meant the planning for the 40th 2020 anniversary had to be postponed. The committee are hoping that the 40th will now go ahead in 2021, if at all possible, but are very much aware of the genuine concerns about the safety of the event for many garden owners, volunteers and, of course visitors.

The committee are focused, as always, on ensuring a successful and safe event. With this in mind a decision has been postponed until after the 12th of April when the way out of lockdown will hopefully be clearer and planning might be possible with more certainty.

If you have anything you woudl like to contribute to the conversation then please email john@architectatwork.co.uk or call on 01359 259061.

John Stebbing
Secretary Walsham le Willows Open Gardens Trust
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