Thieves at Sports Club 30th June / 1st July 2020

Colour drawing of willow tree in roundel with text Walsham-le-Willows Sports Club

On the night of 30th June or early hours of 1st July, containers holding equipment and machinery were cut open at the Sports Club with mowers, welders, strimmers, etc. being stolen.

The police are unlikely to do other than record the incidence without further evidence. If you have CCTV covering roads as well as your own property, or know someone who has where this might have picked up a large van or truck in the early hours of 1st July 2020, please contact Ian Campbell.

It is unlikely to be a big vehicle as the thieves left some mowers. But it would have been big enough to take the 60 roof sheets that had just been delivered to complete the compound roof.

This was clearly a professional job and had been scoped as the thieves used an angle grinder to break in.

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