The Parish Council requires a Village Presentation Orderly

Otherwise known as a pavement sweeper and litter picker.

The clues are in the title but there is more to it than just pushing a broom around.

To really make a difference, you will be expected to remove weeds, including those at the base of walls adjoining the pavements, maintain boundary edges between pavements and banks (there are not many and these are mostly minor), and as you might expect, picking up litter, leaves twigs etc and of course, thoroughly sweeping the full width of the pavements, taking all the arisings to the refuse bin, currently situated on the Memorial Hall Car Park.

The Parish Council has just purchased a brand-new street orderly barrow and will provide all equipment required. 

The Parish Council needs this work to result in a demonstrable difference to the presentation of the village for which much appreciation has been expressed in the past.

This is a physical job and to be effective requires a methodical, thorough approach, and an ability to use your own initiative and enthusiasm for making a difference to how the village looks.

The hours include a small amount of time each week for keeping the Play Area (on Townhouse Road) in good order, picking litter and emptying the bins used by the public into a bin for collection by MSDC and reporting observations to the Parish Clerk. 

You would be employed by the Parish Council who are funded for 5 hours 15 minutes per week to be worked to a regular schedule, weather permitting. As you will be working on your own, good timekeeping is essential and you will be required to clock in and out, for which a mobile phone would be useful.  Overtime can only be worked with agreement as this has to be funded directly by the Parish Council.  You will be entitled to 5.6 weeks per annum (pro rata) statutory paid leave and statutory sick pay.  The current rate for the role is £8.72 per hour, reviewed annually.  

Following a successful trial day to show us what you can do, confirmation in the role will be subject to a two-month probation period.  Following confirmation in post, you may be entitled to be enrolled into a contrubutory workplace pension scheme if you so choose.

Are you ready to take pride in this role like this?
Can you make a real difference to the village?

If you are interested, please contact the Parish Clerk for further details and a discussion.

Kevin Boardley  | clerk@walshampc.myzen, | 01359 259 794
Closing date for applications: 5pm Monday 15th March 2021

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