The Neighbourhood Plan So Far

The Neighbourhood Plan So Far

Conversation Themes

The current themes of the Walsham Neighbourhood Plan have been proposed by group members, refined and widely endorsed by the community at our first drop-in day held 27th June 2018. The biggest planning issue raised by most people in Walsham le Willows is concern about inappropriate and over development.

This is illustrated by the plan for a 66 home housing estate due to be built outside the village envelope at the top of Wattisfield Road. Planners granted permission despite vehement Parish Council and local objections and in the face of strong evidence from traffic surveys demonstrating the location’s unsuitability for development at this scale. Permission was granted in the absence of a village Neighbourhood Plan and because the District Council has failed to adopt its Local Plan.

Winning NP Logo entry | Chloe Stanford,
Year Group 7 | Walsham CEVCP School
Winning NP Logo entry | Darcy Morley,
Year Group 6 | Walsham CEVCP School

The good news however, is that this development along with the smaller one for 22 houses opposite it, have been included as contributing towards the current housing requirement for Walsham as a core village. This leaves us to find a site or sites for another 8 houses to meet the current quota.

We are still waiting for the revised Local Plan to be adopted by the local authority (mid-Suffolk District Council). This has been delayed due to Coronavirus as well as other issues. Local plans are revised every five years and with each revision it is possible that more housing could be required by the local authority. But with a Neighbourhood Plan in place people in Walsham can influence and manage any ongoing growth requirement to the long term benefit of the village.

Drop-In Days

June 2018

Agreement of the Plan Boundary & people’s views collected

Logo Competition

July 2020

Housing – potential sites

More coming soon

Meeting & Document Timeline

Documents, meeting notes, resources are listed below as work on the plan proceeds. Find future meeting dates and an idea of what is going to be discussed and when (although all subject to change). If you think anything else should appear here then please make contact to let us know. NB the search box here returns results based on document titles and dates, not content. To search the whole site use the search box at the top of the site on very page.
IndexDateDocument / Planned Discussion
39Planned Meeting Dates
Provisional Plan of meeting dates and events pencilled in for each month.
Spring 2021
February 4th | 18th
March 4th | 18th
April 1st | 15th | 29th
38January 21st 2021Draft Agenda
37January 7th 2021Meeting cancelled due to the impact of family committments of lockdown.

Local Plan Online Meeting - notes by Suzi Martineau
36November 26th & December 10th 2020Both these meetings were cancelled the latter due to technical issues.
35November 12th 2020Minutes
34October 29th 2020Cancelled
33October 15th 2020Minutes
32September 17th 2020 | Memorial Hall 7pmNotes from meeting

Due to Covid restrictions places are limited to 15 but this is an opportunity for anyone who was involved prior to Covid to find out what the core group have been doing over lockdown and to hear about the latest twists and turns in thinking, both the group’s and the government’s.

Outline agenda

• Feedback from housing consultation event
• Update on incoming changes in planning law and neighbourhood plans
• What we need to do going forwards
31September 3rd 2020Agenda - First sift of sites and process for future development to be agreed beginning with the suggestions which emerged from exhibition day on 23rd. Opportunity to get ahead of the game as the government has indicated a desire for a more truncated approach to Neighbourhood Planning. To focus on development and agreeing a way ahead.
3013th August 2020Core group Meeting 7pm | Notes | discussion was about the first proposals coming out of the consultation day plus the implications of the new planning proposals from Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick

Due to increasing work commitments and the fact that more progress has made during lockdown than previously the group agreed to a fortnightly format to keep momentum.
298th August 2020Walsham Neighbourhood Plan makes the Bury Free Press
28July 30th 2020Core group Meeting 5.30pm | Notes | reflection on outcomes of exhibition day and to formulate plans for next steps
27July 23rd 2020An open air (barn door open), socially distanced, exhibition day to engage the community on the housing proposal for the plan.

The large master plan for sites location worked extremely well and has revealed some useful leads as well as some patterns about where and where not people want to see development happen.

Focus now on housing policies and planning the next drop in day for Environment (possibly Sept 10th In Church Farm Barn)

Documents will be added to this timeline soon.
26July 8th 2020Core group Meeting - planning and preparation for exhibition day
25July 1st 2020Core group Meeting - planning and preparation for exhibition day
24June 25th 2020Core group Meeting - planning and preparation for exhibition day
23June 18th 2020Meeting Notes
Housing Needs Survey - 2015
22June 11th 2020Meeting notes
21June 4th 2020Meeting notes
20March 12th 2020Notes from Meeting
19February 13th 2020Notes from Meeting

18August 5th 2019Draft Local Plan - Notice of Consultation
View the consultation document online, and to submit your comments
Drop in Session dates and Submit your Comments

17July 11th 2019Historical development of the village ‘in a nutshell’
Housing update
166th June 2019To look at some likely potential (preferred and reserved) sites for discussion
152nd May 2019Minutes

1428th February 2019Agenda
1325th February 2019Community Infrastructure Levy and how to access it.
Includes the the link to the publicly available developer contributions database so you can see what is available.
1224th February 2019Steps towards adoption of a Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Website
1122nd February 2019Draft Masterplan for proposed development of Shepherd's Grove site, Stanton
More information can be found at:

1027th January 2019BMSDC Draft Housing Land Supply Position Statement & Consultation timelines
929th November 2018
Notes from Meeting
84th October 2018Minutes
731 July 2018WleW NP Area Designation Notice
Plan Boundary
626th July 2018Minutes
527th June 2018News item 'all day' drop in session - Plan Boundary

Views collected on proposed strands of the Neighbourhood Plan...
Design | Environment | Flood Risk | Green Issues | Heritage | Housing | Jobs & Shops | | School & Early YearsSports & Lesiure | Traffic | Transport | Anything Else
431 May 2018Minutes
325th April 2018
228th March 2018
127th February 2018
Draft Mission Statement

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