Pre-Development Request for Comments on the Proposals for the Play Park

The Parish Council will soon finalise and sign the lease and be in a position to start development of the Play Park in Townhouse Road.  There are already some funds set aside for the development and the Council will be bidding for further funds.

The consultation that took place a the end of 2018 resulted in a proposal for a number of prioritised phases for development. As the consultation was conducted some time ago, before going ahead, the Parish Council are interested to hear villagers’ views on the proposals and any other suggestions.

Phase 1 was development of a Younger Children’s Area

Including a large centre piece, several activity areas, e.g. Large Wooden ‘ship’ or ‘fort’ with a slide, log climber, rock climber, log ramp etc.  Cradle Swing with 2 cradle seats, a Horse Safari Springer and a Two way Shark Springer.  Combined picnic table and seats.

It was not thought necessary to enclose this area in fencing, but we welcome your views.                                                                                                              

Phase 2:  Zip Wire

A timber 20m Zip Wire with a 2m platform     


Phase 3:  Adults and older children’s Outdoor Gym Area    

Several stations such as a Double Slalom Skier, a Double Health Walker, a Double Squat Push, an Arm and Pedal Bicycle, and a Combination Pull Down Challenger & Power Push.

Existing equipment will be refurbished. Grounds and wooded area will be tidied and developed, hopefully with the help of local volunteers.

There could be later additions such as a Sunken Mini Trampoline, as and when further funding becomes available.               

Please comment here or alternatively email the Parish Clerk at

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