Notice of Meeting to Dissolve Play Council Charity

Notice is hereby given of an Annual General Meeting
of Walsham le Willows Play Council
Friday 29th May at 10am

An electronic invitation will be sent out just prior to the meeting.  If you wish to take part, please contact the Parish Clerk before the day of the meeting: | 01359 259 794

The AGM will consider the following resolutions:

  1. To elect Executive Committee members, Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary
  2. To approve the minutes of the last AGM held 23rd May 2018
  3. To receive and annual reports and accounts
  4. To approve accounts to 31st March 2020
  5. To note the consent of the Charity Commission to the transfer of all assets to the Parish Council and the dissolution of the Play Council charity [293364].
  6. To alter the constitution to permit the transfer of all the assets of the Play Council charity to the Walsham le Willows Parish Council.
  7. To instruct the Secretary of the Play Council (or Walsham le Willows Parish Clerk) to execute a mandate authorising Santander Bank to close and transfer the balance of account Walsham Adventure Playground Fund to the account of Walsham le Willows Parish Council (for signature by former Committee members and current bank signatories).
  8. To dissolve the Walsham le Willows Play Council charity [293364] forthwith.
  9. To authorise the Parish Clerk to deal with The Walsham Old Town Trust to amend the lease of the land dated 1st September 1986 and as later extended, to remove references to the Play Council and  to regularise the extension the lease extension for the Parish Council until 31st August 2035 and do anything else necessary to formalise the dissolution of the Play Council charity .

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