Parish Councillor Vacancy


The Parish Council are now in a position to be able to co-opt to a vacancy and is looking for someone who is enthusiastic about representing their community, likes to be involved and to get things done.

Most Parish Councillors, by agreement, will take on a role around specific area of interest or related to specific activities of the council.

Parish Councillors are summoned to a monthly meeting and are expected to attend. Read The Good Councillors Guide to get a flavour of what’s involved.

Interested? Then please contact the Clerk with a short statement by 6th January 2020 setting out your reasons.

You would be asked to read LTN 8, a briefing note on qualifications and disqualifications with regard to becoming a Parish Councillor, before signing a declaration of eligibility prior to your co-option onto the Council.

If you would like to speak to someone please give the Parish Clerk a call or contact any Parish Councillor. Find contact details on the Parish Council page along with more information about the Parish Council.

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