Parish Council Seeks Your Suggestions for Projects


Community Infrastructure Levy is collected from developers by local authorities on new developments based on total occupied households.  Local authorities use this to help deliver infrastructure needed to support development and ensure facilities and services have capacity to keep up.  A proportion is passed to local communities via Parish Councils to enable sustainable growth by offsetting the impact of additional homes on facilities such as:

  • public transport infrastructure
  • schools
  • open spaces
  • health centres (infrastructure)

The Wattisifeld Road development has generated Neighbourhood CIL funding of £40k so far and is expected to generate another £60k.  The Parish Council seeks your views as to how these funds should be used. Please send in comments and ideas by 31st August by post to the Clerk’s address, via this website, via the community hub facebook page or directly to the Clerk.

The Parish Council has already undertaken to commit to the following expenditures:

  • Street lighting – Upgrading to LED reducing maintenance and running costs – £22,000 to date.  Approximately £15,000 for the remaining 15 lamps.
  • Play Area – The PC recently assumed responsibility for play area development. CIL funding will enable further funds to be raised – £44,000  (£15k will be CIL)
  • Church wall – a statutory obligation – £9,000
  • New storage shed for parish assets –  £1,500 
  • Clearance of existing village footpath on The Causeway – £1,000

The Parish Council must be mindful of CIL spending rules and its own legal powers in determining how the funds will be spent within the timescales allowed.  All CIL spending has to be reported annually to the District Council.  Guidance will be sought as necessary. Any CIL monies deemed improperly spent have to be repaid. Other ideas for the use of these funds are:

  • Cycle Paths
  • Moving of street signage
  • Traffic calming measures (that have to be approved by Highways) e.g. village gates, extension to 30mph limits, double yellow lines, chicanes or road narrowing (maybe on Sumner Road and/or The Causeway), speed bumps.
  • Upgrading of informal footpaths to Sports Club
  • You may have other ideas, please let us know.
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