What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

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A Neighbourhood Plan is our plan to help determine how the parish of Walsham le Willows develops to meet the needs of present and future generations. It will give the parish some influence over the type and design of the housing that is built and crucially, where it is built to best serve the needs of parishioners whilst also preserving the character of the village as much as possible.

Our plan is a detailed plan about what matters most to the people of the parish of Walsham le Willows. Our plan sits alongside the Local Plan that is developed by the District Council which in turn sits alongside national planning policies as set by the government of the day.

Once accepted by the planning authority and the independent examiner any modifications required are made and the plan is then put to the people of the parish in a referendum, after which, hopefully, is it adopted. Our Plan then has to be taken into account by the planning authorities when considering planning applications affecting the parish. It strengthens our voice in the planning process.

This government guidance illustrates what the group are aiming to produce with th help of our consultants:

“…a policy in a neighbourhood plan should be clear and unambiguous. It should be drafted with sufficient clarity that a decision maker can apply it consistently and with confidence when determining planning applications. It should be concise, precise and supported by appropriate evidence. It should be distinct to reflect and respond to the unique characteristics and planning context of the specific neighbourhood area for which it has been prepared”

Draft – Aims

By undertaking a Neighbourhood Plan, the steering group aim to:

  • Enable residents to influence and shape new development
  • Establish what is special about Walsham le Willows
  • Allow the village and surrounding area to develop sensitively, in terms of design, character, heritage, amenities, and enhance wildlife and the environment
  • Identify community needs for the use of developer contributions and other possible funds

Draft – Vision to 2037 (15 years)

Walsham le Willows will continue to be a well-loved, historic Suffolk parish with a unique character and identity.

The natural environment, biodiversity and heritage will be enhanced and protected. Future development will be environmentally sustainable, well designed, and suitably located, integrated, and connected. The Parish will have a range of housing types and tenures to suit all ages and incomes, supported by appropriate infrastructure.

The area will continue to be a desirable place for current and future generations.


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September 2021


Draft Aims and Vision Statements

The Neighbourhood Plan Group at work with Consultant 13th September 2021

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