Neighbourhood Plan November 2018

Neighbourhood planning logo with drawn images of a tree, a house, a bridge, a car, a workplace and people, all in different coloursThere are a few key meetings coming up and it would help to get as many interested people together as is possible.

Thursday 15th November – 7pm Priory Room

Joint meeting with Parish Council to meet with Council Officers , first to discuss CIL how we can get it and spend it and maybe a little about how best to construct our Neighbourhood plan…..what will get us through hoops and on to referendum as quickly as possible. Jimmy will be drawing up a draft agenda and key questions.

walsham-le-willows-logoThursday 29th November – 7pm Priory Room

In the light of discussions (above) with Council Officers to discuss the best structure for our plan and the best process to achieve that. A key part of this is learning from what others are doing.  Take a look at the Mendlesham Plan online which is currently the only completed and live plan in Mid -Suffolk.  There are others.  If you have views on the neighbourhood plan, take a look and bring your thoughts on how to take the plan forward.

Thursday 24th of January

A meeting dedicated to exploring what the vision should be for the Village what the key building blocks of the Plan should be.  What are our ‘must haves’ and ‘won’t haves’?