Near Misses on Palmer Street?

Have you ever experienced a ‘near miss’ while walking or jogging or cycling on  Palmer  Street ?

Lots of people in Walsham like to walk or jog around the village, often with their dog or while pushing a buggy.  If you are one of those people you probably appreciate that the most dangerous part of your route is likely to be that narrow section of Palmer Street with the blind bends and the high hedge near to Grove Cottage.

The Parish Council would like to make another attempt to cajole SCC Highways into installing a proper pavement along this section of the road.  It will help if we had a record of the ‘near misses’ that people have experienced.  If you have been, or are involved in any such incident could you please email a record of this, including your name, the date and time and nature of the incident, and if possible the number or a description of any vehicle involved to:

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