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GP Opt Out Form (Type 1)
NHS Opt Out (Type 2 – ‘manage your choice’)

The Government intends to ‘scrape’ the medical records of 55 million people starting June 23rd 2021 with little effort to inform the public of what is about to happen. Have you heard from your GP about this? Has the Government given your GP time to inform you and get responses back?

The Government tried this back in 2013/14 and were challenged and stopped. Now they are trying again with little publicity and at short ‘notice’.

NHS Digital have not been open about exactly who will get access to the information database. Will it be big pharma, the health subsidiary of Google known as Deepmind or other powerful corporations such as insurance companies?

Back in July 2017 the Information Commissioers Office ruled that London’s Royal Free hospital failed to comply with the Data Protection Act when it handed over personal data of 1.6 million patients to DeepMind.

Financial Times article – May 26th 2021 gives more background on the this most recent attempt. As does this Forbes article December 2019 and this Guardian Article 30th May 2021.

medConfidential guides you through how to stop your medical records being scraped on 23rd June 2021. The process is u nnecessarilycomplicated by the fact that you have to do two opt outs one with NHS Digital and the other with your GP. Last time it was all done with one form.

Who are MedConfidential?

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