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Cover of the book The Black Death: An intimate History by John Hatcher

Walsham-le-Willows has a rich history that is based on the survival of exceptionally good 14th-century manorial records.  So good are the records that Walsham was chosen as the setting for the fictionalised history The Black Death: An Intimate History, by John Hatcher set in the years following the summer of 1348 as the Black Death ravaged European society.  John Hatcher used the excellent manorial records to ‘fill in the gaps’ for his story.

Old Photograph showing a traction engine accompanied by three smartly dressed gentlemen, followed by a horse and carriage which is full of gentlemen in top hats. The procession (approaching the photographer), is proceeding along Walsham’s main street and is about to pass William Clamp’s shop, now known as the Old Stores. The photograph appears to be of a funeral procession.
? Funeral procession passing William Clamp’s shop on The Street

The village has had a thriving history group since 1980 and it is still going strong.

On this site you will find the fruits of the work of the Walsham History Group, that provide a Brief History, the presentation of much more detailed and in depth historical records in the form of Reviews that have been published at the rate of four a year since 1997, a selection of books and compact discs full of the history of Walsham-le-Willows, as well as a bit more information on the group itself which still meets regularly.  Search the events calendar for talks and meetings. Use the links here or from the main menu.