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Memorial Hall Fund

April 2015 – Two wheels, one leg, no lycra | Contacts

Walsham le Willows Memorial Hall

The Community Council and the Memorial Hall Committee organise many events, the proceeds from which are added to the Memorial Hall Fund.  The Community Council continues to apply for various grants to fund further refurbishment.  Individual parishioners also often organise their own fundraising events.

April 2015 – Two wheels, one leg, no lycra (Adrift with a bike in Suffolk)

Rob Barber’s bike ride around Suffolk to raise funds for Walsham le Willows Memorial Village Hall.


I have often heard it said, and in Walsham’s Village Hall Coffee Shop too, when people come to look at someone else’s life or to re-assess a situation of their own “Ah well, you can’t turn the clock back”. Yes, the years slip by so easily and entry into that select company of octogenarians does make one take stock of one’s self. But I am of the school which believes even if “you can’t turn the clock back”; you can at least try to “wind it up again”.

So, as I am entering my eighties, I have given myself a challenge to cycle around Suffolk, revisiting familiar places and finding some, as yet, unexplored corners, to experience what cannot be felt in the car, the physical, sensory and emotional feel of the diversity of Suffolk’s landscape. It is a beautiful place, bearing comparison with my home county of Norfolk!

This record of my odyssey in April 2015 will, I hope, highlight something of Suffolk’s unique character, its landscape, its buildings, its history and be of interest to other lovers of where we live. I take note of Benjamin Franklin’s observation, “We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing”.

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