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The Walsham Women’s Institute welcomes women of all ages to join in a varied programme of talks and outings.  Jam and “Jerusalem”, yes, but so much more!

The local group welcomes a variety of speakers, outings are organised to places of interest including the theatre and occasionally to the West End.

The Suffolk West Federation of WI’s of which Walsham WI is a part provides opportunities to take part other outings, educational workshops, sporting activities and more.

The National Federation expands the horizon even further with the chance to attend courses at the WI College (Denman) in Oxfordshire.

Members also get involved in the WI’s national campaigning on matters of concern to women and their communities such as domestic violence and care of the environment.

Programme 2021/22

WI Meetings

April 14th 2021 Social Get Together
CANCELLED due to Coronavirus
May 12th 2021Annual Meeting
CANCELLED. Will now be done by postal vote under the guidance of our W I Advisor, Janet Brown
June 9th 2021Garden Meeting at Maltings, Palmer Street
Due to restrictions a maximum of 30 people and will be cancelled if wet. Details to follow.
July 14th 2021Netball Taster at the Sports Club
August 11th 2021Visit to the Wild Wood, Walsham
With picnic
September 8th 2021Janet Brown
Life on a Long Boat
October 13th 2021Sally Daniels
My Wish Charity
November 10th 2021Christmas Workshop
More details to follow
December 8th 2021SPECIAL “50th” Celebrations
Walsham Church 7pm
January 12th 2022Birthday Party>/strong>
February 9th 2022Graham Higgins
Confessions of a Factory Worker
March 9th 2022Brenda Last
South American Holiday


President | Margaret Moore   | 01359 259 407
Hon. Secretary | Pippa Baxter | 01449 781 757
Press & Publicity | Jill Newall | 01359 259 450

For online talks and newsletter | West Suffolk Federation of WIs
For more national  information and online courses | The Women’s Institute