Meditation Group

stacked pebbles against a blurred blue and orange sky and the moon low in the skyIn 2017 Walsham was fortunate to have an new resident move into the village who is experienced in the practice of meditation.

Ian Guthrie, warmly invites beginners and people with previous experience to join him for guided instruction in the practice of meditation.  Currently there are two opportunities each week, Wednesday evenings at 6.45 pm and Sunday afternoons at 2.00 pm.

The length of the class will vary depending upon how much time participants have available but the formal sitting practice usually lasts no more than 30 minutes.

Currently the group is small, but growing, with members from Walsham and beyond.

From time to time dates may change so always check the events diary or contact Ian directly.

stylised line drawing of a person meditating


Ian | 07810 822 786 |