Prepare your Teddy for the Parachute Jump

a row of parachuting teddiesCalling All Teddy Bear Owners

The Teddy Bear Parachute jump will take place at 12 noon on 4th June from St. Mary’s Church


Don’t forget your Teddy and remember that this  event will not be overseen by SWOT

(Society for the Welfare of Our Teddies)


a parachuting teddy harnessed to a multi-coloured parachuteHow to make a parachute for Teddy

Weight Limit is 500g or 1lb

A piece of cloth 40cm (or 16 inches) square for a Beanie size teddy or 60cm (24 inches) square for larger Teddies.



Tie string around teddy’s chest and under his arms, rather like a harness.  Tie 4 strings 30-45cm (12-18 inches), one to each corner of the cloth.  Tie the loose ends together and attach to the string already on the back of Teddy.

Let’s hope your Teddy enjoys parachuting as much as this Teddy obviously does.