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Eleven artists and crafts people living in and around the village of Walsham-le-Willows form the Walsham-le-Willows Arts and Crafts Group. Together, they hold an exhibition annually in the Priory Room, situated on The Causeway, next to St. Mary’s Church.

Dates for 2017 are 18th-20th November 10am – 6pm.  Admission to the exhibition is free.

The group produces ceramics, glass, jewellery, batik, metalwork, photography, printmaking and paintings in oil, watercolour, pastel and gouache.

All members are pleased to accept commissions.

The Priory Room, Walsham-le-Willows, hosting the annual Arts and Crafts Exhibition
The Priory Room, Walsham-le-Willows, hosting the annual Arts and Crafts Exhibition

The Artists and Craftspeople…

Diana Calvert

Landscape of fenland in August by Diana Calvert, pastel shades, greens and blues of trees and rushes reflected in water in foregound
‘August’ by Diana Calvert

Diana paints in oils. Her favourite subjects are landscapes, predominantly in the Walsham area, still life and flower paintings. She is a member of the New English Art Club which is based at the Mall Galleries in London.

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Gillian Crossley Holland
Painting with oil pastels

Pastel shades if green blue and brown representing fenland with dyke running down middle of painting and reeds, grasses to either side against a darkening sky
Lopham Fen by Gillian Crossley-Holland

Gillian enjoys painting the fens of Lopham and Redgrave and the salt marshes and empty coasts of north Norfolk.

In her work Gillian is intrigued by crossing places, reversals and in particular, those views when the earth is no more than a mirror to the sky, she often explores these themes and plays with composition, light and reflections.

Gillian works in oil pastels, which allow her to instantly build up layers and textures and even, as illustrated here, create a monoprint from a painting started in Lopham Fen.

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Alison Dane

Multi-coloured printed papers, semi-precious and glass beads.
Jewellery by Alison Dane

“My unique paper beads are made from self coloured and printed papers and strung with a mixture of semi-precious and glass beads.

My necklaces are colourful, lightweight, easy to wear and long lasting.

I use the Suffolk countryside as inspiration and enjoy experimenting with colour, developing my individual  pieces to reflect the seasons and the colours on the High Street.”

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Helen Dougall
Batik and paintings in gouache

Pastel shades depicting a cultivated field with prominent patterns on the earth in the foreground leading to a horizon with woodland against a blue cloud filled sky
‘Patterns of Cultivation, Stowlangtoft’. Batik by Helen Dougall

“I paint and draw directly from observation, out in the open, in an effort to capture the complete essence of a landscape. I am particularly interested in the effect of agriculture on the landscape, tractors ‘drawing’ across fields to produce perspective patterns and the effect sunlight across stubble fields, and seascapes with wet, shiny undulating beaches or multi-coloured shingle.

I develop these ideas in batik, drawing and painting molten wax and dye across fabric.”

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Chris and Hilary Evans

Image of a Collagragh of trees on brown sunlight soil with trunks, black in silhouette against an intensely bright light in the distance through the forest of tree trunks and subtle green hues in the canopy.
‘Trees’, Collagraph by Chris Evans

Chris says “I find the variety of the natural world an inspiration for my prints as well as building structures and landscapes. My collagraph plates are made from card and textured papers and I use zinc plates for my etchings.”


A number of brightly coloured birds mainly in blue and subtle yellow against a white background showing a variety of patterns in their colouring, dots, flecks, lines, some showing their wings as in flight.
‘Birds’ Card print by Hilary Evans

Hilary says “I love colour and pattern and printing gives me the opportunity to explore different colour combinations, consequently, I rarely edition my work.”

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Lesley Foster

Macro close up of a red flower showing one petal as focus of image against part of each of two petals behind, the foreground petal having six small drops of water or dew of varying sizes at the lower edge
Nature’s Tears – Photograph by Lesley Foster

“I worked in photography for 40 years before actually picking up a camera.  Now I find it almost impossible to put one down, especially since I acquired a macro lens and discovered the astonishing complexity, diversity and incredible beauty of nature in close up.”

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Gill Grimes
Hand-spinner and knitter

A knitted cardigan depicting four images, two each side to the middle and bottom of the garment of a red tractor, a blue house, sheep and two human figures. Across the top of the cardigan from arm to arm are coloured lines giving the impression of a rainbow. The ends of the sleeves are tinged with a similar pattern and well as a chequerboard pattern in the same colours.
Child’s Cardigan hand knitted by Gill Grimes

“I learnt to spin and use natural dyes when my children left home. I found it a fascinating hobby. I, also, started knitting. As my husband was exceptionally tall and could never get socks long enough to wear for walking or fishing, I knitted him a pair with a fancy top. I now knit jumpers, hats, scarves etc. in my hand-spun wool but stick to commercial wool, (due to washing) for all my socks.”

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Mandy Jaggard
Cast glass

A piece of case glass in the shape of a bowl which is white, cream with brownish red markings that give the impression of natural veining. The top of the object has a surface that looks like the sun glinting on the waves of the sea making the object look like a bowl full of water in motion.
Cast Glass by Mandy Jaggard

“I am fascinated by natural and man-made structures that have strength in their design and the spaces around them. Cast glass offers me opacity and transparency, and a depth of material in which to replicate these strong forms and their negative spaces. I use photography to develop my ideas, and sometimes these become an end in themselves. My glass work ranges from small paperweights and bowls through to larger forms and interior wall lighting. I use lead crystal and recycled glass.”

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Peter Rudderham

Cast iron bird of prey with large wing span and eagle like head and beak, wings spread in full flight against a grey cloudy sky.
‘Bird’ by Peter Rudderham

“I design and make unique metal sculpture and apply artistic techniques to the production of functional items such as gates, weather vanes, arches etc. I am also developing an unusual method of picture painting.”



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Mary-Jane Toulson

An image of wool in various shades of blue through to a light cream in the process of being woven on a loom into a rug.
Woven rug in progress, Mary-Jane Toulson

Mary Jane weaves hard-wearing floor rugs using wool and jute. Each one is unique, with colour contrasts and blends being her speciality.

She, also weaves small-scale pictorial wall hangings using hand-spun wool and natural dyes.

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Rob Wheeler

Cream coloured plate with definite rim decorated in red and green giving the impression of wheat spears and red poppies.
Plate by Rob Wheeler

“Most of my work has its roots in nature. The forms and textures often taking their inspiration from fossils, sea life and the countryside. Classic Chinese forms such as baluster vases, Roman and Greek shapes and decoration are also an influence.

Most of this work is produced in white earthenware and then put through the Raku process. Some of the more sculptural work is fired to stoneware.

I also produce a small range (mostly jugs and bowls) of domestic earthenware in blue and white and traditional commemorative slipware plates.”

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Other works by the same artists


For information about future exhibitions or to commission work
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