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The Observer is published monthly by the Community Council.  It has wide reach as it is distributed, free of charge, to every household in the parish. NOTE currently only published online due to restrictions caused by the Coronavirus outbreak. Scroll down to read this month’s edition.

The magazine is packed full of articles and news about village events and accepts advertising from local business and contractors, the revenue from which covers the costs of production.

Putting the magazine together is quite a task.  It is edited by Ian Toulson then printed, collated and distributed by a dedicated band of volunteers from within the community.  Advertising is managed by Cheryl Bartholomew.

Submit items for publication in good time into the post box at Rolfes of Walsham or email to the Editor. The community takes no responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of advertisements published in the Walsham Observer. Deadline for the next edition can be found in the previous edition on the front page.

Advertisement Rates
Quarter page
| £60 per annum or £15 per month
Half Page | £100 per annum or £20 per month
All advertisements should reach Cheryl Bartholomew by 20th of each month.

Editor | Ian Toulson | 01359 259 646
Advertising | Cheryl Bartholomew