Adventure Play Park

black and white block drawing of two children on a see saw

Joe Jesney | Chair Play Committee

Brian Kinnair | Treasurer

black and white line drawing of a play house with a slide

The Lease of land  in Townhouse Road from Old Town Trust to the Parish Council as Tenants was signed in 1986 for a period of 28 years and has since been renewed.  The Parish Council hold the land known as the Play Park, upon trust for the Play Council which is a registered charity (293364).

From April 1st 2018, the Parish Council assumed direct responsibility for the  day to day running costs and maintenance in place of an annual grant to the Play Council for these costs.

At the AGM on 23rd May 2018 a full Executive Committee composed of all new people was elected.  The newly constituted Play Council will focus on its objectives, agreed as providing play facilities, maintaining appointments to the Executive Committee, proposing ideas for development and identifying and pursuing sources of funding and putting these forward in order to engage the Community with the Play Area.

There have been clear expressions of interest in a development of the facilities to include more for children of a younger age group to compliment the existing facilities which it is acknowledged are a slightly different play experience to those found at more traditional facilities.  If you agree, please so make your views known to the Committee.

If you are interested in getting involved to be part of the Play Council to give a little time to its ongoing development, then please get in touch with one of the committee members informally or  email Joe Jesney at the Play Council.  The commitment of elected Executive Committee members is to four meetings per annum plus the AGM and of course, fundraising activities as agreed amongst the Committee.  But anyone interested is welcome to attend formal meetings  or informal meetings that will be held at the Play park itself from time to time.

History of the Play Area

Parents and Children enjoying the inaugural party for the opening of Walsham Play Park

The improved Play Area was opened over the two days of the Open Gardens Weekend August 30 & 31st 2009 by the Play Council Committee.

The extremely enthusiastic and dedicated committee expended a lot of effort over few months prior to the re-opening.

Children enjoying the new sand pit in the Walsham Play Park

The Play Council emerged from the original Youth Forum which did such great work putting the Millenium Village Appraisal into action. Local children were asked what they wanted in Walsham and then following successful grant applications, including a £50,000 Playbuilder grant, the Skatepark and MUGA were built.

As with all community committees, a constant flow of new members to take over the hard work and keep things rolling is needed especially when the focus is for children, who’s families grow and move on.  If you would like to get involved please use the contact at top of page.