Digital Interactions with Health and Care Services – Public Consultation

HealthwatchSuffolk (in partnership with Healthwatch Essex) have published a survey asking for people to feedback on experience of the vastly increased digital interactions with care and health services since the start of the pandemic not just for anyone who has used them but also for those who may need to use them in future.

What are digital services?

These services are all about the NHS and social care services using technology to help people communicate with health and care professionals and enable you to access the care you need. This might include things like: 

  • Video consultations with a doctor or consultant
  • Online counselling
  • Being triaged or treated over the phone
  • Online workshops
  • Using an online system to book appointments
  • Having access to advice or information online
  • Being connected with people using services remotely

Do you have elderly relatives who will just not cope with this? You may need to speak up for them. The reality is these new means of interaction with essential services are probably here to stay and they need to be improved upon and made to work for everyone.

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