Daffodils in the Churchyard and beyond

‘Telamonius Plenus’ (otherwise know as Narcissus ‘Van Sion’) is a very old cultivar of double daffodil, which grows to 35cm high, with grey-green leaves and double flowers, 10cm across.

On a slightly misty morning in early November a group of ‘volunteers’press-ganged by Frances Jenner of the Open Gardens Trust met in the churchyard armed with various tools to plant twelve hundred daffodil bulbs. The weather was undecided and it turned out to be a day of rain and shine.

With advice from Boston Bulbs of Spalding the variety was carefully chosen as a long established variety which has been growing in East Anglia for at least five hundred years, what is sometimes known as a ‘wild daffodil’.

Frances had approached the Parish Council for funding and then kindly agreed to organise the planting in the grass along each side of the gravel path leading to the church. Fuelled by caffeine and bacon rolls and a desire to get back home as quickly as possible, all twelve hundred bulbs were planted before lunch by John Stebbing, Alison Findlay, Jerry Bliss, Les Fulcher, Ian Hartley, Mick McManus and Sally-Anne Haynes, not forgetting little Eoin, who sat thoughout watching everyone working. Prior to planting David Murray rediscovered the true path edges which provided a good planting guide.

It is hoped that as the bulbs become established, they will multiply and give much pleasure for many years. So a big thank you from the Parish Council to the Open Gardens Trust, Frances and her team.

And this is not the first daffodil planting spree instigated in the village by the Open Gardens Trust. Since October 2020, they have planted approximatley 3500 bulbs in and around the village for everybody to enjoy.

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