Covid-19 Self Isolation Advice

Some advice from a household which has experienced Coronavirus infection…


  • Have a thermometer in the house that works!
  • Have a flask in the house so you can get a drink to take back to room and reduce repeated trips to the kitchen and reduce the amount of wiping down etc that needs to be done.
  • Have a bin in every room for easy disposal of tissues.
  • Print a poster for delivery people to authorise delivery of parcels to the door step giving your authority to do so – although most seem to be doing this anyway.
  • Buy some soft foods which are a must – yoghurt, ice cream, soft tinned fruit etc.
  • Have some cash in the house in case you can get local shops to deliver – they may not be set up for card payments off their premises.

If you suspect you may be infected

  • Use the 111 online service first to check your symptoms. It is being updated all the time with new information from chief medical officer.
  • Tell someone (including the Parish Clerk) that you are not well and if someone is assisting or keeping an eye on you. or  01359 259 794
  • Advise best method of contact. If you have a mobile phone texts are good just to say you’re ok.
  • It is not possible for everyone but if in multiple occupation try to isolate those who are sick in furthest bedroom from those who are well. If necessary, swap rooms around.
  • Use a spare bedroom, if you have one, to sleep separately if necessary.

During Self Isolation

  • If you can, open two windows to draw fresh air into the room and create a flow of fresh air through the isolation room. Let the Clerk know if local bonfire lighting is hindering this.
  • Coughing can be intense and cause dizziness. After lying down be extra careful when standing up.
  • For washing soap and water is best. Some sanitisers are also strongly perfumed and can irritate.
  • Cleaning products – most are perfumed which is fine in normal circumstances but can really irritate if someone has breathing difficulties.
  • For the safety of others, including refuse collection crews, please double bag your refuse/waste and store securely for 72 hours, somewhere that canot be accessed by the public or scavenging animals. After this time it can be placed in the general rubbish for normal collection.

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