Charity Commission confirms the closure of the Play Council Charity

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See below the request to the Charity Commission re dissolution and closure of the Play Council Charity [293364] along with the response.

Charity Commission Website – Closure Confirmation
Final Bank Statement (Walsham le Willows Play Council charity)
Treasurer’s Report Year End 2020
Independent Examiners Report on Final Accounts

Thank you for your submission to the Charity Commission.

Further to your correspondence I have been able to remove the above charity from the Central Register of Charities; this will be reflected on the public Register of Charities within the next five days.

Yours sincerely 

Genna Furlong


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——————- Original Message ——————-
To: CS – Online Forms (Queue); Mark Thompson
Subject: P4 – 20200820 – Dissolution

Dissolution Form Submitted: 20/08/2020 03:01:30
Are the trustees satisfied they are validly appointed?

Its income for the last financial year is less than ?5million; and its assets are worth less than ?100 million.

The charity has no property that is permanent endowment and has disposed of any interest in land in accordance with the governing document and the Charities Act 2011

The charity’s assets (after settling all liabilities) have been applied in accordance with the directions for dissolution in the governing document

Any grants or donations received for specific purposes have been applied in accordance with the wishes of the grantor or donor

Charity Number

Charity Name
Walsham-le-Willows Play Council

Applicant name
Kevin Boardley

Email address

Telephone number


Describe relationship with the charity
Clerk to the Parish Council to which assets have been transferred

What was the total value of the assets remaining after payment of debts (rounded to the nearest ?)

Please select the reason for closing the charity:
Charity has fulfilled its purpose (it no longer exists)

What happened to the remaining assets?
Bank balance tfrd to Parish Council having same objectives as former Play Council Charity. The PC will continue to provide local children with access to play facilities.

The above is correct

Was the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) part of the decision to close?

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