Campaign for Rural England – Goverment forced into u-turn on planning proposals

The government has been forced to backtrack on one of its most damaging proposals to deregulate the planning system that would have led to thousands fewer affordable homes being built in rural towns and villages across England.

The plan was to hand more power to developers, allowing them to bypass their commitments to build homes that people can genuinely afford in many rural communities, and instead just build whatever makes them the most profit.

But determined opposition has prevailed.

Thanks to the pressure the public helped build, the government quietly dropped its unpopular plans over the Easter weekend – a huge relief for the many communities who are already seeing young people and families being priced out of the places they call home.
Collective action has paid off. Share the news with friends and family interested in planning issues here in Walsham.

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This is the second big win for the CPRE on this issue, after the government previously ditched its so-called ‘mutant algorithm’ that would have caused needless loss of our precious green spaces. These wins provide a glimmer of hope that the government is willing to make changes, and it’s clear that our voices are being heard. Thank you for being involved so far – whether you signed our petition, wrote to your MP or councillors, or kindly donated – you’ve been a part of making real change happen. Thanks to you, thousands more people could have the opportunity to access a home they can actually afford to live in. This victory as a step in the right direction, but there is still much more to be done to ensure the government puts people and nature at the heart of the planning system. Be vigilant!

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