BEWARE! Scammers knocking on your door or calling

There have been reports of callers on elderly and vulnerable people in Suffolk from people claiming to be from the Red Cross, offering to do shopping but taking cash and never returning.

Sometimes cards are dropped through doors with the Red Cross branding in advance of someone knocking. There have also been reports of callers pretending to be youth offenders trying to mend their ways by helping out and the usual telephone scams again asking for money in return for something that is bogus related to Coronavirus.

Don’t give money to anyone for shopping or accept help from anyone if you do not know them. The Parish Council is organising a list of trusted volunteers who can assist you. Please register with the Parish Clerk

Could all volunteers and neighbours please get this message out to anyone you know who may be vulnerable in this way.

REPORT any scam approaches to Trading Standards 0808 223 1133 | Suffolk Police on 101 | Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0808 223 1133

Read more from Babergh and Mis Suffolk District Council

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