Grenfell Tower Relief Appeal

lit candles against a dark black backgroundThe South West Ipswich Team Ministry has created a Grenfell Tower Relief Appeal.

Following the awful tragedy at the Grenfell Tower in Kensington churches in Suffolk on Sunday 18th June will be taking collections for the people of Grenfell Tower, not just to provide immediate relief, but to support the survivors and their community for the long process of rebuilding their lives.

Anyone who is not attending church this Sunday can put a donation, or a cheque payable to SWITM PCC, in an envelope through the letterbox of the Rectory.

Walsham Sports Club Receives Award

Colour drawing of willow tree in roundel with text Walsham-le-Willows Sports ClubThe Working Together Fund is an awards programme open to Suffolk’s voluntary and community organisations. Funded by Suffolk County Council, the programme is administered by Suffolk Community Foundation with the objective of recognising outstanding service delivery or community activity as a result of increased collaborative working.

Jane Storey, Deputy Leader, Suffolk County Council, said whilst she was sorry not to have been able to present this year’s awards in person, “I was very impressed with the quality of applications which made the panels decisions very difficult. It is great to celebrate such excellent collaborative work across Suffolk.” Continue reading “Walsham Sports Club Receives Award”

Temporary Road Closure



Suffolk County Council intends to make an order closing the U5923 Wattisfield Road, Walsham Le Willows outside Hawthorns to facilitate replacement of a manhole cover and frame.  Other coordinated works may also take place during this sign indicating pedestrian and cycle access

Access will be open for pedestrians and cyclists.


yellow road sign for traffic diversionThe diversion route will be The Street, Summer Road, the A143 and vice versa.


It is intended that the closure will operate on 31/05/2017 from 9am – 4:30pm but if necessary the order may remain in force for 18 months (or longer if extended by the Minister). Continue reading “Temporary Road Closure”

Ian’s Cathedrals Ride – Update – Day 45

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Start: Canterbury (10.30 am)
Finish: Rochester (6.30 pm)
Distance:  46.8 miles
Bike Time:  5h 08min
Ave Speed: 9.1 mph
Max Speed:  22.9 mph
Total Distance: 2432.5 miles
Total Time:  231h 22min

It was lucky that I arrived late the day before since I had to go back to the cathedral to take some pictures.  When I came out the heavens opened and there was thunder and lightning, so I waited for the skies to clear.  An earlier start and I would have been in the thick of it outside.

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Ian’s Cathedral Ride – Update – Day 44

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Sweet-Shop-in-RyeCathedrals Ride Day 44 Friday 26th May

Start: Winchelsea (8.20 am)
Finish: Canterbury (4.40 pm)
Distance: 48.8 miles
Bike Time: 5h 03min
Ave Speed: 9.6 mph
Max Speed: 22.8 mph
Total Distance:
2385.7 miles
Total Time: 226h 14min

Breakfast, collect laundry, pack up and remember to hand over the key as I pay my bill. Then the first cycling was uphill, but afterwards I was rewarded with a compensating downhill and then for the rest of the morning it was basically on the level. Continue reading “Ian’s Cathedral Ride – Update – Day 44”

Ian’s Cathedral Ride – Update – Days 41-43

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Winchester-CathedralCathedrals Ride Day 41 Tuesday 23rd May
Start: Winchester (9.30am)
Finish: Chichester (5.30 pm)
Distance:  40.9  miles
Bike Time:  3h 46min
Ave Speed: 10.8 mph
Max Speed:  28.8 mph
Total Distance: 2232.9 miles
Total Time:  210h 34min


Nice to feel no pressure first thing in the morning. The only other guests were Australians who seemed to be almost permanently on holiday, well at least from the list of holiday destinations that they told me about.  Met my ‘twin’ Judy and her husband Peter at the cathedral, having first met Patryk, initially from Poland, walking the End-to-End with his fluffy gorilla Wilson Continue reading “Ian’s Cathedral Ride – Update – Days 41-43”

Less than 100 days to Gardens Weekend

Image of old fashioned pink rose against glossy green foliage
Rosa ‘Albertine’

It won’t be long before the Walsham Open Gardens Weekend Committee members start knocking on doors to drum up support for the Bank Holiday Gardens Weekend.  Over 200 village residents will be marshalled to help out with a multitude of tasks that make the event the success it is.

It’s not only the garden owners who have to agree to open their gardens each year.  Road closures have to be arranged, rotas for car parking duties and serving food have to be drawn up, the making of sandwiches and cakes has to be agreed so that there are enough. Continue reading “Less than 100 days to Gardens Weekend”

Poppy Project Update

A knitted poppy wall Jan and Fiona would like to thank the many ladies who are knitting/crocheting for the poppy project.
They will both be in the Coffee Shop on Thursday 29th June and Thursday 24th August to collect any poppies, and to give an update on progress.

Ian’s Cathedrals Ride – Update – Day 41

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Start: Kilmington (8.15am)Salisbury-Market-Crossroads
Finish: Winchester (5.35 pm)
Distance:  63.0  miles
Bike Time:  5h 33min
Ave Speed: 11.3 mph
Max Speed:  28.8 mph
Total Distance: 2192.0 miles
Total Time:  206h 48min
Up and off early as I had to make sure that I arrived in Winchester well before six, as I was going out in the evening with my university friend.  First though I had a meeting with the Selina, the latest addition to Mary Jane’s side of the family. Then off for Salisbury on a none too strenuous ride.  Far fewer hills than the day before.

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Ian’s Cathedral Ride – Update – Day 39

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Church at Southleigh set in rolling green hillsStart: Ottery St Mary (9.20am)
Finish: Kilmingon Common (7.35 pm)
Distance:  71.0  miles
Bike Time:  6h 59min
Ave Speed: 10.1 mph
Max Speed:  28.8 mph
Total Distance: 2129.0 miles
Total Time:  201h 15min

Breakfast later than usual so departure was a little later.  Left shoe in danger of falling apart.  Met two cyclists early on who tell me that there is a severe hill coming soon. Continue reading “Ian’s Cathedral Ride – Update – Day 39”

Ian’s Cathedral Ride – Update – Day 38

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Exeter Cathedral against a grey skyStart: West Monkton (9.15am)
Finish: Ottery St Mary (6.40 pm)
Distance:  53.7  miles
Bike Time:  5h 22min
Ave Speed: 10.0 mph
Max Speed:  25.2 mph
Total Distance: 2058.0 miles
Total Time:  194h 16min

A slight re-route was planned over the phone with one of Tiggie’s sons.  As I left  there was a slight clicking, which turned out to be a drawing pin just slightly sticking into the tyre.  Upon removing it there appeared to be no damage, but twelve miles later I could feel the lack of pressure and needed to change the inner-tube. It was then that I discovered that some member of the ‘pond-life’ brigade had removed the tool kit from under the saddle. Continue reading “Ian’s Cathedral Ride – Update – Day 38”

Ian’s Cathedrals Ride – Update – Day 37

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three men in a boat on chew lakeStart: Long Ashton (9.15am)
Finish: West Monkton (6.45 pm)
Distance:  56.5  miles
Bike Time:  5h 17min
Ave Speed: 10.6 mph
Max Speed:  26.5 mph
Total Distance: 2004.3 miles
Total Time:  188h 54min

Photo of leaving is a must before setting off for Wells.  Chew up the road with Chew Magna, Stoke Chew and Chew Lake, before having a break at Harptree. Then a hard climb up to the top  of the Mendips, along with a number on a charity ride. Continue reading “Ian’s Cathedrals Ride – Update – Day 37”

Walsham Watch

neighbourhood-watch-badgeBe aware that there has been a burglary overnight in The Street from an unsecured  shed.

Garden tools and other equipment were stolen.  Be vigilant.

If at all possible restrict access to property, ensure sheds are locked and keep desirable items out of sight.

Ian’s Cathedral Ride – Update – Day 34

Statue of Edward Elgar against a gloomy sky
Edward Elgar

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Start: Kington (8.50am)
Distance:  62.9  miles
Ave Speed: 10.7 mph
Total Distance: 1863.8 miles
Finish: Malvern (6.30 pm)
Bike Time:  5h 59min
Max Speed:  26.3 mph
Total Time:  175h 25min

Another day when a little route planning was required, but not much  –  just to get me to Breadwedine, and then I was riding on the other side of the Golden Valley, which last time I had ridden it I got soaked. No different this time.

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Ian’s Cathedrals Ride – Update- Day 33

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bus top with a bookshelf
Books at the Bus Stop

Start: Brecon (9.15am)
Distance: 40.0 miles
Ave Speed: 10.7 mph Max
Total Distance: 1800.9 miles
Finish: Kington (6.45 pm)
Bike Time: 3h 44min
Speed: 28.0 mph
Total Time: 169h 26min


The first chore, after breakfast was to take the bike to the bike shop to get the brakes seen to, then visit the cathedral and then rather than later to set off for the day’s ride. Continue reading “Ian’s Cathedrals Ride – Update- Day 33”

Ian’s Cathedrals Ride – Update – Day 32

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Image of Brecon Beacons on a clear day with blue sky and white clouds in the skyStart: Llandysul (9.15am)
Distance:  64.5  miles
Ave Speed: 9.9 mph
Total Distance:  1760.9 miles
Finish: Brecon (6.45 pm)
Bike Time:  6h 45min
Max Speed:  31.3 mph
Total Time:  165h 42min

Mapped from what ‘claimed’ to be Llandysul to Pontwelly worked fine, and the further ride to Llangadog was also without mishap. There was a constant flow of Classic Cars on some sort of Jolly Rally, but was never in the right place at the right time for the most retro conveyances.
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Ian’s Cathedrals Ride – Update – Day 31

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Start: St David’s (9.20am)Image bright sunny day, blue sky, looking down a winding road to newgale strand and the sea
Distance: 62.7 miles
Ave Speed: 10.5 mph
Total Distance: 1696.4 miles
Finish: Llandysul (6.05 pm)
Bike Time: 5h 57min
Max Speed: 30.5 mph
Total Time: 158h 57min

Quick re-route so as to follow the coast road to Newgale and then head inland to Haycastle. Unfortunately this new route took me, in the end over the Preseli Mountains, but the view was great, the wind blew hard – in the right direction – and the descent was long and fast.
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New web site for Walsham-le-Willows

image of blue computer mouse with the usb lead spelling out the word 'upgrade'

black and white image of village sign used as a logo

Welcome to the new website.  Use the contact form to let us know what you think.

The site was updated in early 2017 to run on WordPress giving it a refresh with a more modern look.  Core content has been transferred and the remainder is being added over time.  Some images may link back to the old site for a while.

If you have any suggestions for the site let us know.

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Horticultural Show – 2016

photograph of white flower head, flushed pink, of Hydrangea paniculata 'vanille fraise'
Hydrangea paniculata ‘Vanille Fraise’

Thanks to everyone who made the afternoon such a success, the entrants, the judges, the visitors and the many people who donated raffle prizes.

Special thanks to Joan Freeborn and her team who provided the teas and helped in the kitchen, and to all those who made the delicious cakes.

We were delighted to welcome Diney Martineau, who was herself the Show Secretary for many years, to present the cups.

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