Another Historic Churches Ride for 2020

Takes place on Saturday 12th September from 9.00am and 5.00pm

An excellent event, enabling you to take a pleasant leisurely ride around the area, visit a number of the local churches, meet other cyclists and maybe find somewhere to have a drink and a bite to eat – socially distanced, of course.

You might find yourself exploring some other area of Suffolk or even South Norfolk. Some
churches may provide refreshments, but don’t rely on it in these very different

The rise is for the benefit of Suffolk Historic Churches Trust (50%) and the other half goes to the church of your choice. Sponsor forms can be found in St Mary’s, or you can download here. List of churches that should be open.

Yu may have to self-register at some churches if there is no-one present to sign your sponsorship form. Take your camera, or smart-phone, and create a photographic record of your day out on two wheels as evidence for sponsors. Take something to write with for those places where you have to self-register.

Although the ride is scheduled for 9:00am till 5:00pm there is nothing to stop you
starting early and finishing late – for a really long ride – but in any event do cycle with
care and be consideration toward other road users – walkers, cyclists, horse-riders and
motorists. If you are driving in the area on that day do apply the same care and
consideration, and be aware that there may well be a cyclist around the next corner.

Do seriously consider taking part, your contribution will be much appreciated in these
Corvid strapped times with no village Church Fete or Open Gardens Weekend this year.

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